Your essential housing guide: The Prison Area edition

Howell Road, Hoopern Street and Danes Road – they’re criminally good places to live

Though this area gets less attention than other areas, it’s still got all of the perks of Vic Street and Pennsylvania, just with less of the costs – what’s not to love?

It may be a creepy alleyway, but you get such lovely views

Five minutes from Arena, 10 minutes from town and less than 15 minutes from campus (provided you walk down the creepy alley/woodland path at the end the road), there’s no denying this area has a great location.

You’re close enough to The Firehouse that you can pop over there for a pizza at least twice a week, but you’re also in really easy reach of The Vic, The Impy and Monkey Suit, so you’re basically set for any casual boozing session friends or societies might throw at you.

This is probably as close to the Rusty Bike as you’re gonna get.

Howell Road is also home to the famous Rusty Bike pub, which, according to Trip Advisor, serves the best roasts in Exeter.

However, this quality comes as at a very, very high price, so unless your parents are down or you want to splurge all your loan on dining with a room of middle age divorcees, it’s probably just best to stick to Wetherspoons.

As far as shops goes, the Londis on Howell Road is an absolute life-saver when you’ve run out of milk/have an incurable chocolate craving/need some last minute drink for pres, but it is pretty pricey.

Your local life-saver.

Fortunately, the Co-op on Pennsylvania is less than 10 minutes away, which means you can get supplies at a slightly cheaper cost, with the added bonus of seeing everyone you know in there.

Another fun fact about the area is that the infamous Chalet, home to most of the rugby team, is situated right at the end of Danes Road, so if you’re planning on sleeping with any of the players then at least your walk of shame can be kept to a minimum.

The downside of this area is that, while the majority of the houses here are student ones, some are rudely filled with actual families and old people, meaning if you live here you’re gonna have to be prepared to have a fair few visits from Estate Patrol and Irish Rory, the uni’s Community Liaison Officer.

Though apparently Danes Road was one of the most burgled areas last year, it is getting better. However, someone did chunder in my outside bin the other day, so clearly giving can be as much as a problem as taking round here.

The local equivalent to a toilet, apparently.

Overall, this is a great area to live; it’s an ideal location, a decent price and, by Exeter’s standards, not to hilly.

Don’t be put off by the prison at the bottom of your road, you’ll most likely never be safer- anyone who is going to commit a crime is probably already on the inside of the walls.

So what if some of your neighbours are convicts?