Show me your snatch!

Do you even lift? See the Sex God you could become if you did.

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It’s that time of year again. Sun’s out guns out.

A natural swarm of wannabe gym goers hit the gym in January and now it’s the time to start working on the beach bod’. To be honest I’m absolutely fine with it but what does annoy me is how little people really know about effective training.

Stop curling for girls and get on the big compound movements. You’ll boost testosterone levels and you’ll be a fitter, stronger, manlier man.

Think Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler. Train like a spartan and unleash your inner warrior. Girls love it, what more could they want than a beast like, testosterone surging alpha male?

The snatch: making guys buff since 753BC

The mighty Snatch!

Perhaps the most technical of all lifts, delicate, challenging and a very slippery customer; however if completed correctly and given the care and attention it deserves then this move will become beautifully smooth and rate highly in your lifting bible.

The ultimate lift combining technicality, cognition and silky transitions.

She can show me her snatch any day


The classic, the safety option when you don’t feel confident in tackling something as complicated as the snatch, despite this it stills requires consideration.

Start off slow and comfortable then explode from the legs and hips to create that essential drive to shift some tin and get under the bar.

In that front squat, get that ass to grass then explode back up to the rack position.

Just remember: ass…grass… EXPLODE!

Clean & Jerk

Yet again this is a challenging procedure, but this movement requires just that little bit more force.

Starting off with the classic clean, and as you extend your arms split those legs and receive the power you’ve just generated. When you split, you’re not taking off from the ground you’re merely creating a stable platform to control the bar overhead.

Finally, bring your legs together to finalise that jerk.

This guy clearly lifts

 After completing these lifts you’ll increase in size and power and with surging man juices and a warrior’s physique you’ll be shagging every bird in Mosaic… TWICE.