We went down to the Reclaim The Streets rally against gender-based violence in Newcastle

Follow live updates as we follow campaigners march to monument

Tonight, Newcastle University society It Happens Here and community watchdog Women’s Street Watch NCL collaborate for Newcastle’s first #ReclaimTheStreets march and rally. Follow here for live updates

10.45 – Final roundup

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It’s been a great night with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Hopefully we start to see change with more marches and rallies like this.

10.34 – Final words from the organisers

We spoke to some of the officers from It Happens Here society, who told us they were, “so pumped” by the turnout. They thanked everyone that came and said to supporters: “though you may feel like it’s not a lot, this has been fantastic.”

10.30 – Who are Women’s Street Watch NCL?

Take a look at this to find out more about who Women’s Street Watch NCL are and what work they do to keep women safe.

10.21 – “One last time, who’s street? Our Street”

As speeches close the group rallies giving a final chant and a thunderous cheer. Crowds are beginning to disperse now, but there’s still lots of energy around as the rally draws to a close at the top of Grey’s Street.

10.13 – Speeches coming to an end now

We’re now listening to impromptu speeches, with a standout moment coming from a male ally delivering a poem on love and peace.

10.02 – Speeches continue

There’s a lot of passion down at monument, one speaker made a stand against the expectations society places on women, another talking about the double standards women face when trying to stay safe on the streets.

9.51 – Speeches begin

We’ve got a range of speeches pre-planned and not from a range of people including organisers of the rally and the president of Newcastle University Feminist Society

9.45 – Northumbria Police confirm numbers

We spoke to representatives from Northumbria Police who told us that the protest was safe and orderly and that they estimate there are approximately 75 people in attendance. (Plus 4 very cold Tab reporters!)

9.40pm – More pictures

Some shots taken by our reporters

9.30pm – A loop round Grainger Street

The group have went past Monument and extended their march around Blackett Street

9.20pm – Making progress down Northumberland Street

9.18pm – What are they marching for?

Find more information about the march from our previous article here.

9.15pm – The march begins

The group have started their march, leaving Newcastle University as they head to the city centre

9.12pm – Who are we?

Following the rally reporting tonight is Charlie Watson, Hannah Fitzhugh and Annie Valle.

You can keep up to date on this webpage and also via our Instagram @thetabnewcastle  

9.10pm – First images

The group assemble ready to march

9.00pm – Crowds pour out of Newcastle Students’ Union

Having been welcomed by Newcastle University Students’ Union, a group of supporters marched out of the side door to the SU with their newly-made banners and placards.


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