Women helping women: the volunteers helping you get home safe after a night out

Women’s Street Watch NCL are making the streets a safer place

A new women’s organisation has been formed in Newcastle, made up of a brave group of female volunteers who stay out around the city until four AM to act as an extra pair of eyes for possibly vulnerable women.

Women’s Street Watch has worked to help other women get home safely by calling taxis, charging phones and giving out water and snacks to those who are intoxicated after a night of clubbing and could be at risk.



This has been especially beneficial to female students who are new to the city, with the volunteers working over freshers week and attending Northumbria University Freshers Fair to inform students about what they’re doing.

Following the murder of primary school teacher, Sabina Nessa, who was killed on her way to meet a friend on September 17th,  the concerns for women’s safety are arguably higher than ever.

The growing need for an organisation like this one can be reflected in the amazing online reception they have received, with their Instagram page jumping from 1000 followers to 11.6 thousand in the space of just one day.

Women’s Street Watch is looking for volunteers too, so if you want to get involved, head over to their Instagram. Plus, They have a Whatsapp group for the volunteers.

The women took to their Facebook page to say, “We have started this because so many women have experienced difficult, harmful or uncomfortable situations. Particularly at night. We reached a point where it wasn’t enough just to be sad or scared or worried about it and decided to try and do something about it.”

They have asked others to give their support by sharing their social media pages and making small donations such bottles of water, first aid kits and snacks

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