Which Sex Education character would live in your Northumbria Halls?

Glenamara has Maeve written all over it.

It’s the show that everyone is talking about. Would I have believed you if – three years ago – you told me that my favourite show would be about teenagers campaigning for better sex ed? Absolutely not. But it’s true, Moordale is the perfect world I never knew I needed.

We all wish we could actually know these people in real life, imagine meeting them in freshers week as your new flatmate! But of course as much as we may want to, we we could never live with all of them. So here’s a guide to where we think each Sex Education character would end up, if they were to end up coming to Northumbria this year.

The Shield – Jackson Marchetti

Jackson screams The Shield. Fresh, cool, and close to the action. With its cinema room, and high-tech gym, it’s got everything he needs to maintain his popular head boy image.

Portland Green – Otis Milburn 

Bike rides with Eric through Ouseburn, quiet study spaces to subtly run the clinic, and close enough to the university library to read up on whatever sex questions he’s been asked this week. Portland Green seems pretty perfect for Otis. Oh, and it’s close enough to conveniently bump into Maeve without it being obvious that he chose Portland purely to be near her.

Trinity Square – Vivienne Odusanya

Viv would choose Trinity for a number of reasons. It’s close enough to Uni for late-night study sessions for upcoming quiz tournaments and for her to be fully involved as a student rep, but far enough from the city centre so that she’s not kept up at night by students who are almost certainly going to sleep through their 9am coming back from drunken nights out (who would dare.) Also it’s right above a Tesco and let’s face it Viv doesn’t have time to trek for her food shopping in her efficiency-optimised schedule.

Nido the Bridge – Aimee Gibbs

At the time of choosing, this was a perfect choice for Aimee: close to her girl gang for emotional support, a little bit posh to fit in with her uber-cool friends, and of course some sweet views of the city, But, after she fell out with Ruby, Olivia and Anwar she probably wishes she’d went to Winn to be closer to Maeve. At least she’s got Steve though, who of course followed her even to her uni halls… awkward.

Claude Gibb – Adam Groff

Simple. His dad would want him to be as close to uni as physically possible, reminiscing about his days in halls: “It’s not meant to be a hotel!” he would say. His mum on the other hand would want him to be catered just so she knew he was eating.

Glenamara – Maeve Wiley

Edgy, cool, but looks like a prison. Glennamara has Maeve written all over it.

New Bridge Street – Ruby Matthews 

Everyone either lives in New Bridge Street or knows someone who does. It’s the most untouchable place that the untouchables could dream of being untouchable in. We all know Ruby would move her gang to a house in West Jes as soon as physically possible though.

IQ Collingwood – Eric Effiong 

Not a lot is known about IQ Collingwood with it being one of the newest Northumbria student accoms, but that’s exactly why Eric would choose it. He loves an underdog. It’s swish and vibrant, close to the city centre and not too far from his best mate!

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