This is what your go-to lockdown walk in Newcastle says about you

Walking to Tesco does NOT count

The repeating cycle of going in and out of lockdowns has meant that going on walks has now often become the most exciting part of our days. If you told us this time last year that most of us will have reached a solid conclusion of what our favourite walk in Newcastle is, we would probably have just laughed at you. Whether you’re super basic and have only been to Jesmond Dene or you like to spice it up with literally any of the other walks, your go-to route says a lot about you.

Exhibition Park

A Newcastle staple, Exhibition Park never disappoints us. You’re always guaranteed a pretty view, especially if there’s a sunset – nothing can top it. Plus, if the water is frozen, you get added entertainment from watching people trying to walk on it, a win-win really.

You’re obviously not the biggest fan of walking, there’s only so many times you can walk around the park, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Town Moor

We had to split the Town Moor and Exhibition Park because at least Exhibition Park has swans to look at. Realistically, there’s nothing to look at in Town Moor, so obviously you’re just going here for the sake of walking, and you take absolutely no pleasure in life (sorry).

I hope your personality isn’t as boring as your choice in walk x


We bet you only go to the Quayside to take pics of the bridges, and can we blame you? The river is always stunning and we can’t get enough of your pics – but would it be so bad to get a bit more creative with your grams?

Also, is it really that hard to walk down the Quayside without putting it on your story? Quick newsflash, no one needs to know you’re there.


You’re the laziest person we’ve ever met and probably don’t get changed out of your pyjamas. If you live in Jesmond, then wow – you really need to get out more. I don’t want to be the one to break it to you, but walking to Tesco does not count as your daily exercise. Bet you try to count waiting in the queue as walking too, because standing is exercise too, right?


See above, but you’re a Tory too.

Jesmond Dene

You’ve not really branched out since coming to Newcastle. You probably heard your housemate talk about it in Freshers’ Week and have been going ever since. Granted, the waterfall is pretty – but there’s so much more to Newcastle.

You’d be surprised how many people have said that Jesmond Dene gives them the ick now… so why don’t you belong to that group too? Have you not walked there enough in all three lockdowns?!


You’ve either got a car or you love the Metro because getting to Tynemouth is a bit of a trek. Your lockdown’s the definition of “adventurous” and we’re here for it. We’re dead jealous if you’ve even been to the beach once this lockdown – let alone it being your favourite walk. Keep doing you hunny, we’re sure you’re living your best life right now.

Saltwell Park

This goes one of two ways, either you’ve hiked here from town and if that’s you, we’re proud of the dedication… but why did you do that? The walk to Saltwell Park is literally so unnecessary, especially when you’ve got the Metro. (If you got the Metro, congrats – well done you).

But if this is your favourite walk, we guarantee you’re the edgy kid who thinks they “were born in the wrong generation” and just has to go against the crowd. I mean sure, it’s a beautiful park, but it’s so far away and there’s basically no chance of running into your friends, so where’s the fun in that?

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