What does your local Newcastle Metro station say about you?

We’ve divided every station into each student’s personality type

Whether you’re a party animal living it up in Jesmond or prefer the quiet streets of Gosforth – your local Newcastle Metro station says more about your personality than you may think. If the North Face puffer and southern accent weren’t already a given to your suburb preference, let us tell you what your go-to Metro station says about you. From West Jes to Central, we’ve got you covered for every student station.

West Jesmond

This is the elite of the elite – this is where anyone who is anyone lives. If this isn’t your local station, are you really a Newcastle or Northumbria University student? The home of the North Face puffer, Air Forces 1s and the rahs – the only places you’ll ever consider shopping at are Tesco and Waitrose. You’ll happily stand in the queue outside Tesco for half an hour just to prove that you’re a true West Jes resident.

You probably signed your house contract two months into first year with a bunch of randomers, just so you could guarantee a taste of this student hotspot. The posh southerners run this suburb and they know it. You’ll copy the flares and weird fashion sense to be “different” but end up looking identical to everyone else.


You’re just a BTEC West Jesmond. You couldn’t get a nice house in West Jes, so you took the next best thing and settled here – this includes you Sandyford students. You’ll claim that it’s because “you wanted to be closer to university”, but we all know you secretly wish you lived on the west side every time you make the long trek to the shops.

Whilst Jesmond is similar to West Jes (minus all the fun bits), at least you never have to walk far from Holy Hobo on a night out. Chances are you probably signed for a West Jesmond house for third-year in September, just so you can get on the Metro at the West Jesmond station when face-to-face lectures hopefully recommence.

Ilford Road

The next best thing to Jesmond for those that couldn’t find a house in West Jesmond. Hidden in the no man’s land between Gosforth and Jesmond, no-one ever really knows where it is. Maybe you’re someone who likes the secrecy, or just wanted the Jesmond feel without the rah lifestyle. Either way, you’ve got the best of both worlds: West Jesmond next door without the price as Ilford Road housing is much more affordable. It’s an all-round win-win situation, with much more of your student loan left to spend on bevs.

South Gosforth

Also known as Yummy Mummy central – the home of posh northerners. Be honest – you’re probably here because Newcastle Uni put you into Bowsden Court in first-year and now you’re stranded in Gosforth for life. If you voluntarily picked a house here, you’re probably just not one for the nightlife or the student suburb that Jesmond has to offer. Maybe long walks are more your thing than a Tuesday night spending all your change on £2 beverages on Osborne Road.

Central Station

You’re a city gal and love the feel that Newcastle has to offer. Jesmond was just too suburb-y for you and instead, you came here to get that 24-hour feel. Uni, the Metro, and the nightlife are straight on your doorstep. The student “vibe” isn’t really for you and you’re happy to be independent and not follow the crowd. Blessed with luxury modern apartments, you’ll never have to deal with dodgy landlords or the student queue for Tesco on Acorn Road.

Whilst lockdown continues a little while longer and we’re all stuck to studying online, you’re probably not bothered about Metro stations anyway… right? Besides, we’ll all be together in Jesmond next year anyway x

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