Here are the most underrated walks in Newcastle

Are you even a Newcastle student if you don’t visit the shoe tree?

2020 is the year of going for walks and seeing as Newcastle is going back into Tier 3 at the end of the week, the era of walks isn’t over. We’re sure that you’ve been to Jesmond Dene more times than you can count, and you’re probably starting to get sick of it, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite underrated walks in the Toon.

Armstrong Park

Armstrong Park is less than five minutes away from Jesmond Dene, so it deserves a visit. Often confused with Heaton Park, Armstrong Park is the home of the shoe tree, which I’m sure you’ve seen all over TikTok. No one knows why it started, but we’re glad it did because it’s a staple of Newcastle. If you love the shoe tree, try finding the tree full of sculptures of faces… now that is creepy.

Armstrong Park is usually quieter than other parks, which is ideal if you want a nice calming walk alone, but unlike others, there isn’t much space to sit, so we recommend walking to one of the connecting parks to do so.

Heaton Park

Heaton Park can be found at the end of Armstrong Park, and it’s definitely one of the most underrated places to go. Although not open yet, Sambuca’s restaurant is a must – with a gorgeous view of the park if you sit outside and cheap dinners, it’s a must-visit.

It’s a lot smaller than Jesmond Dene, but it’s stunning and has the best coffee van I’ve ever visited. Plus, there’s a huge open space for sitting (when it comes to summer, maybe not the best idea for a picnic in winter).


Whether you want to visit the farm, have some coffee or take some cute pics for your Insta in front of the street art, Ouseburn is the place to go. Plus, once pubs re-open, the Ship Inn is fully vegan, so what’s not to love?

Ouseburn is arguably one of the prettiest walks in Newcastle, and you can easily combine it with a walk to the Quayside if you’re in the mood for a long one. Plus, you can live out your edgy dreams here, so go get your fancy coffee and get some gorgeous pics.

Town Moor/Exhibition Park

A staple of Newcastle, Town Moor is the best place for a sunset walk, or to visit the swans in Exhibition Park. We love it, and we think it deserves all the love we can give.

So many students go running in Town Moor, but how often do you go walking there? Really appreciate the wide-open green space, right in the middle of the city? I mean, how many cities have that? Go give it some love, and the beauty of it is it’s so close to Jesmond so can easily be a short trip with your pals if you need a study break.


Maybe a bit less underrated, but still, the Quayside needs more love. Go get yourself a Greggs sausage roll and watch the bridge raise. Or, when they open again, go to the Sunday market and grab lunch from a local business!

The sunset at the Quayside is something you cannot miss, and you have to see it at least once in your time in Newcastle. If you get the right day, it can be one of the best things you’ll ever see, and I know that’s a big claim…but trust me.

Saltwell Park

Saltwell Park is student’s best-kept secret. As it’s in Gateshead, it’s quite the trek, but it’s worth it – the walk there is half the fun anyway! Whether you fancy visiting a plant sale or a replica of the Tyne Bridge, which was once part of the Chelsea Flower Show, Saltwell Park is gorgeous and a walk you need to do ASAP.

The lake is a bit creepy as the pedalos never move, half-sunken and covered in moss and birds. But, it gives it character and makes for a great Insta pic. If you’re looking for the definition of an underrated walk, then Saltwell Park is a must.

Jesmond Dene

Okay, I know I said underrated walks, and obviously, Jesmond Dene isn’t underrated. I’m sure the first thing you did after moving to Jesmond was pack a picnic with your house and go to the waterfall to take cute Insta pics.

Jesmond Dene has a place in all our hearts and we will always love it, especially in autumn. What could be better than a cute walk with all those gorgeous colours?

You’re bound to see everyone you know there, and you love it. But, why stop at the most popular bit, try finding the stepping stones, or the tree that grows out of the wall in one of the cave-like parts? There’s so much more to Jesmond Dene than you’d think.

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