I rated the Toon’s best vegan meal deals so you don’t have to

The good, the bad and the ugly

With essay season well underway and the Toon in Tier 3 (thanks Boris), daily outings to the library are admittedly the highlight of everyone’s day. And after a long morning of hard work at the Robbo, what better way to recharge your brain-power than with a meal deal? The only question is: which one?

If you like your sandwiches with a side of ‘cruelty-free’, look no further. Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians or just anyone wanting to try something new, this is your official guide to a god-tier lunch in the Toon.

Jesmond Tesco 

You can’t go wrong with a trusty Tesco meal deal, and their vegan options are no exception. Priced at a student-friendly £3, this is a lunch that won’t send you into more debt. Despite having only a small selection of snacks and drinks, both the roasted vegetable and hoisin wraps are what makes Tesco such a great contender.

Price: 5/5 ⭐️ (£3.0)

Choice: 3/5 ⭐️

Taste: 4/5 ⭐️

Overall: 4/5 ⭐️

NUSU Co-op 

Wow. The Co-op is definitely up there for having the best vegan meal deals, and extra points go out for their festive range! They have a great selection of wraps and sandwiches, and their vegan chocolate orange rocky road is a game-changer. (Also, how aesthetic is that packaging?!)

Price: 4/5 ⭐️ (£3.50)

Taste: 5/5 ⭐️

Choice: 5/5 ⭐️

Overall: 5/5 ⭐️

Eldon Square Boots

With a huge selection of snacks and drinks, Boots is definitely a strong contender here. You can even kill two birds with one stone and pick up a new toothbrush or some face wipes while you’re in-store. My only criticism would be that the southern fried pieces are a bit bland, but there are plenty of other vegan options to choose from.

Price: 4/5 ⭐️  (£3.39)

Choice: 5/5 ⭐️

Taste: 3/5 ⭐️

Overall: 4/5 ⭐️

Northumberland Street M&S

I was disappointed to find that M&S don’t do ‘meal deals’, but their wide range of vegan sandwiches, wraps and salads are commendable! I chose the ‘hoisin no duck’ wrap and soya iced coffee which were both amazing – although the price isn’t particularly compatible with a student budget. But, if spending a fiver on lunch isn’t a problem for you then M&S is an excellent option – after all, what’s an overdraft for?

Price: 2/5 ⭐️  (Wrap – £3.50, coffee – £1.50)

Choice: 5/5 ⭐️

Taste: 5/5 ⭐️

Overall: 3.5/5 ⭐️

Fawdon Aldi 

Although Aldi doesn’t do ‘meal deals’, the prices of their sandwiches, wraps and snacks are a bargain in itself! I found a couple of options, including a falafel & humous wrap and a festive sandwich, both of which were pretty good. The only problem is the location – but whether you get the Metro there or have to beg your housemate to give you a lift, Aldi is definitely a go-to for those of you who are a little too comfortable in your overdraft.

Price: 5/5 ⭐️ (£1.69 for the sandwich!!!)

Choice: 3/5 ⭐️

Taste: 3/5 ⭐️

Overall: 3.5/5 ⭐️

Whether your taste in meal deals is gourmet, or a little on the cheaper side, the Toon has it all. And with an increasing number of vegan-friendly options available in store, it’s time to try them out for yourself!

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