Hundreds click attending to unsuspecting birthday girl’s bash

Is Rose the next Azeem?

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Thirsty revellers have committed in their hundreds to attend a Leeds Beckett student’s party in Newcastle this summer.

It was supposed to be an intimate gathering between friends, but thanks to a few jokers, Rose, an NHS dietetics fresher, is expecting more people than planned for her “21st Birthday Party”.

Rose spoke exclusively to The Tab, saying: “I am unsure how it happened, didn’t realise I put the event as public. I originally invited 20 people and now I have over 250 coming.”

Rose loves to party

She has even kindly offered “free accommodation for everyone.”

Despite the growing numbers of revellers threatening to show up, Rose is going to persevere with the birthday celebrations: “I am still going to have the event, little concerned about the free accommodation as promised but think of all the birthday presents.”


In an incredible twist, Rose tells the Tab that she is not in fact turning 21, but 28: “The funny thing is that it’s an inside joke between my friends about me being 21. I’m actually going to be 28.”

Rose and her real life friends

Rose has seen the lighter side, she tells us she thinks it is “very funny for people to get involved” and that she likes the “funny comments”.

Hugo wants to know what the sleeping arrangements are:

And Ben has booked a whole three weeks off work in anticipation of how “large” the celebrations are going to be:

There has been speculation as to whether this event will reach the dizzying heights of Azeem’s legendary flute recital.

Rumours have been circulating that the man himself will be present:

Only time will tell.