Hundreds click attending to unsuspecting birthday girl’s bash

Is Rose the next Azeem?

Library staff BINNED fresher’s coursework as he left desk to get coffee

He had to peel a banana skin off his geography notes

Have you seen Craig Millward?

He was last seen at 12.05am on Tuesday 5th May near Popworld

Murderer of two Medics faces death penalty

They were killed in August 2014

Your childish email address could stop you landing a job

We all had one

I love living with five boys and I’m not even shagging them

I deserve a medal for this

How many people have you slept with since you started uni?

There were no virgins

How to get hammered in a lecture: Introducing the Lecture Drinking Game

When the slide is read out word for word, drink two fingers

I have tinnitus and haven’t heard silence for over a year

Don’t be a mug, get some plugs

We spent seven nights doing the seven deadly sins in Sinners

For gluttony we gorged on chocolate cake in the cage

I wish I was in Castle Leazes

Bowsden’s a bit crap

Is this remix of The Snowman the biggest Christmas banger of the year?

It’s a phat one

The Tab guide to Newcastle is here

Throw those prospectuses away

There is going to be an orgy in Ricky Road tonight

It’s in Flat 21C

Jesmond S&M party: the full story and pictures

Feast your eyes