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Isabella Eckert


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Malaka Mohammed has been cleared of any wrongdoing, and says she was the victim of a smear campaign

It is thought there was a campaign to ruin her reputation

People who hate going to the gym are more intelligent, according to a recent study

Ah so that’s the reason

We spoke to Saffiyah Khan about smiling in the face of hatred, and her inadvertent rise to fame

‘I have no respect for cowards’

People who are always late are more successful and live longer, says science

They are wired to be more optimistic and less stressed

‘No amount of photo editing can help you’, and other realities you must accept when you’re the pale friend

Everyone wants to stand next to you in the group photos

I shaved off my hair for the charities that saved my sister and my former boyfriend’s lives

Pascale almost lost her sister to anorexia, and her partner to cancer

‘No amount of photo editing can help you’, and other realities you must accept when you’re the pale friend

Everyone wants to stand next to you in the group photos

Everyone you’ll work with (and secretly hate) in your twenties

Including the one who you’ve only ever spoken to about your weekend plans

Exeter’s women’s hockey sixth team just won 18-0 against Winchester

Even the goalkeeper scored

How much of a grownup you are, based on the things in your home

Show your mum the results of this quiz to show her you can do life

‘I was running for my life. We all were’: My seven hours inside Westminster on lockdown

There were rumours a gunman was inside the building, and 12 had been killed

Reports from inside Wesminster, on lockdown after gunfire outside

‘We’ve been told to stay away from windows’, says a witness inside Parliament

The most middle-class-mum tweets about the end of free coffee at Waitrose

Vanessa blames Brexit

People who eat more cheese are thinner, according to recent study

Well I’ll brie damned

There’s literally a giant inflatable obstacle course for adults coming to Lincoln

And they sell alcohol

Jorja Smith on how women are encouraged to be ‘beautiful little fools’

‘I feel as young girls grow up, they’re tainted by what the media says is “beautiful”‘

Good Life changes ‘Tribal Dance’ themed night after being accused of racism

‘You’d have thought event planners at our embarrassingly white uni would have realised’

Atomic Kitten ‘bottled off stage’ after three songs at Quack last night

In Lincoln, of all places

Stormzy has spoken about ‘reality check’ of struggle with depression

‘For me, it was a realisation of how fragile we are as humans – in the most beautiful way possible’

‘The attacks against me have been an attempt to defame my character’: Malaka has spoken out about being bullied and threatened

The VP was accused of anti-semitism and says her Twitter account was hacked

Newly elected Guild VP accused of anti-semitism after her twitter account was hacked

Malaka says she has been a victim of ‘character assassination as a tool to silence a Palestinian woman’

‘I will be grateful forever’, says final year Engineering student saved from deportation

She was held in a detention centre with her mother for a week

Which Ex on the Beach star are you? Take our quiz to find out

This matters

Why would you live in London, when you could live in Brighton & Hove?

The Big Smoke? No thank you sir

Every reason living in Newcastle is better than living in London

Firstly, you can’t get cheese chips and gravy down there

The truth about ‘beer before wine makes you feel fine’, and other drinking myths

Gin may make you sad, but there’s no science to back you up

Sankeys is officially opening in Torquay, after ‘falling in love’ with it

The opening party is on Easter Sunday

There’s a FriendsFest coming to Essex this summer

So no one told you life was gonna be this way?

All the girls you definitely met during your time at private school

You were the one who was always in detention, weren’t you?

Vice-Chancellor ‘deeply upset and disappointed’ by recent wave of anti-Semitism

They are trying to identify the individuals involved

I’ve just graduated and I’ve already paid off my student loan by gambling

He’s earning £3,000 a month and has bought a jet ski

Meet Dom, the 20-year-old scaling skyscrapers to take photos for Instagram

‘I feel it wouldn’t be as much as a rush with a harness, I like that feeling of being on the edge’

How to help someone who’s blind, by a blind person

Amit’s GoPro footage of commuters pushing past him recently went viral

‘On bad days the slightest move can cause anguish. I can’t speak and I can’t concentrate on anything’

The reality of living with ME, the disease doctors can’t diagnose

Piers says he likes women who wear heels at work, so I tried it for a week

All I want is approval from men like him

Comparing girls’ night out photos to Renaissance masterpieces, because they are art

Look, you either get it or you don’t

Breaking: Fire on Harvest Road

‘As I walked past the house there were embers in the air and could hear crackling of fire’

‘He was really calm and there was no struggle’: A fresher witnessed the Sunday night arrest

They drove past the scene on their way home

Meet the young doctors rowing from Australia to Africa in shark-infested waters

They will be rowing 24 hours a day in two-hour alternating shifts for three months

WhatsApp update will allow you to edit and delete your sent messages

‘Hey ykmte u upp?’

No, Oxford University isn’t ‘banning’ the use of Mr and Mrs prefixes

‘The information published is incorrect’

The Tab is raising money for GOSH to help children in their care this Christmas

Donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital today

Hideous uniforms, questionable teachers and everything else that happened at the private school you won’t admit you went to

The age gaps in relationships were seriously questionable

Stop what you’re doing: You can now download from Netflix

It’s for iOS, so you can watch it on the move

There has been a controlled explosion at Lincoln City Hall

Lincoln is in ‘meltdown’

EXCLUSIVE: The Safer Sex Ball 2016 in pictures

From the pole-dancing booth to the dancefloor

Abergeddon: The aftermath of the storm in tweets and pictures

‘I can’t believe Aberystwyth is trending on Twitter’

M&S’ Mrs Claus is the Christmas heroine we’ve all been waiting for

She’s a badass

Did Farage really just make a joke about Trump groping our Prime Minister?

‘Come and schmooze Theresa – don’t touch her, for goodness sake!’

How likely is it that you will end up marrying Prince Harry?

We can tell you if your paths will align

No, that Simpsons picture didn’t predict Trump’s presidency

It’s the one your mate probably retweeted

‘I felt guilty all the time’: How worried are drug dealers that their supply will harm someone?

‘I had anxiety and wasn’t eating much at all, waking up really early and couldn’t get to sleep’

An Exeter fresher was allegedly sexually assaulted in halls by 28-year-old man

He climbed on top of her and ‘pinned her down’ as they watched Breaking Bad

Thursday’s Shadow Child event is moving from Warehouse34 to Digital

Out of respect to the girl who tragically died on Saturday

Black Mirror’s first episode is all of us right now, and that’s what makes it so terrifying

Social media has become more than just an ‘app’ – it’s our social currency

Everything you’ll undoubtedly experience on your Southern Rail journey

‘Due to a limited service…’

Why alcohol causes you to blackout and forget your entire night

‘If recreational drugs were tools, alcohol would be a sledgehammer’

Greggs is going to start delivering in London

The service launched in Newcastle today

The Tab has a Blackhouse Roller Disco ticket to give away for tomorrow night’s event

MC Devvo is playing

The Forum and library have been evacuated AGAIN

The cause is still unknown

The University of Lincoln’s Students’ Union is reaffiliating with the NUS

A second referendum took place this week

‘He looked me straight in the eye’: When a man jumped in front of the Tube I was driving

Andrew, a Tube driver for 13 years, experienced a suicide on the London Underground in 2010. He lives in constant fear it will happen again

Breaking: A Christ Church student has been arrested for sexual assault

He was detained at 6:00 am

A graduate with Asperger’s Syndrome has gone missing in Newcastle

Friends urge people to contact Northumbria Police on 101 if they have any information

A grad is raising money to fund research on the rare disease his mum died from

The University has agreed to match the family’s target of £36,000

What happens when you’re on a train that strikes someone on the tracks

Before you complain about delays to your journey, spare a thought for the driver

The fate of Fabric is to be decided at around 1am tonight

There is to be a seven-hour hearing held from 6pm

Legends is coming back to Newcastle

You thought the Pull Cam days were over

These images show the undeniable impact of mental illness on the brain

MRI and EEG scans reveal the differences in electric activity, shape and size

What was the new Duke of Westminster like when he was at uni?

Hughie hung out in Blanc and went to Club Trop, just like you

Everything that will happen in Freshers’ Week

No parents, no bedtime, no vegetables

It’s hot outside. Let us wear summer clothes in peace

Catcalling reaches its peak in the summer – ask any woman

Falcons rugby player Zack Kibirige cleared of raping girl he met on Tinder

The verdict took just over an hour

A Newcastle grad has just become the Duke of Westminster at 25

Hugh Grosvenor is set to inherit £9 billion

There’s going to be a Swingers reunion event in London

It will be in Brixton in mid-September

Belfast student gets tattoo on his thigh, saying: ‘Birds are mad’

He said it’s the best decision he’s ever made

Fresher who ‘cheated on exams using WhatsApp’ could miss out on uni

She was disqualified on the basis that she’s guilty by association

Belfast ranked second in the UK for blowing money on partying

Hundred dolla bills

Newcastle students party harder than anywhere else, according to study

We spend more on getting drunk than all the other unis in the UK

I got a vitamin IV drip after a festival to see if it would sort me out

It’s the ‘wellness’ treatment all the celebs are getting

Can you remember the names of these original Pokémon?

It’s been 20 years since it all began

How Facebook chooses your ‘recommended friends’

Yes, stalking is a factor

If you’re always late you’re a more positive person, say experts

It’s a result of optimism and drive

Nobody can pass the British citizenship test

Nine out of ten respondents failed

Can you pass the 2017 British citizenship test?

Most young people can’t, apparently

There’s a reason you get that ‘brain zap’ feeling after a festival

‘It feels like my head is in an earthquake’

Which Love Island boy should you ‘couple up’ with?

Just don’t touch Tel’s toastie and you two will be alright

Every person you meet among the madness at Glastonbury

The one who fell face-first into the dirt

Newcastle voted majority Remain in the EU referendum

We know we are better united

If you went to Glastonbury this weekend you walked the equivalent of four marathons

216,000 steps = 102 miles over the course of the festival

Young man dies after catching on fire at Glastonbury

He was airlifted to hospital yesterday afternoon

Everyone needs a Party Bully in their life, here’s why

They’re a necessary evil

A petition has been launched to ‘help bring Raheem home’

Someone donated £2.37: ‘one penny for every time he has made me swear at the TV over the last week’

A genuinely useful list of things to get your dad on Father’s day


Woman calls out H&M sizing after largest jeans on offer don’t fit her

‘I am not overweight – not that that should matter’

Tyson Fury was seen raving at Gottwood this weekend

He will defend his heavyweight world title against Klitschko in a few weeks

How the Grime Girl became the new Sloane Girl

From SW to Skepta

Everything girls want you to stop doing in bed

A comprehensive list

Edinburgh ranked 1st in the UK for nursing and midwifery, and sport science

We came 20th overall, and beat Napier by 50 places

NORTHUMBREXIT: Petition launched to hold referendum on NUS membership

This follows Newcastle’s vote to leave last week

Bournemouth ranked seventh friendliest city in the UK

According to new research by the Eden Project