My day on Ritalin

I was wired

Last week, I took on the quest to challenge Ritalin and its effectiveness.

I find it rather endearing to see so many students taking study drugs to enhance their education and I certainly understood why after trying them myself. They enhance your working hours by ten fold, you enjoy process of revision, you have the energy to party all through the night…and you get a good grade at the end. Dreamy right?

Cheeky Netflix tab on the laptop

7am: Woke up and swallowed the little tube as religiously as if it was my new contraceptive.

7:20 am: I ended up falling back into bed into a morning snooze, but when I woke up this time, I was wired. I now understand the meaning of waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

7:30 am: By this time, I was already out the door, making mental notes in my brain, in addition to a thought- study plan for the day.

8:00 am – 5:30 pm: Library session commenced. My memory of the rest of the day is a blur. All I remember is the work that I accomplished. That word I misspelt on page three. Yes. I remember you. I felt clear minded and accomplished. I felt like a grimy student version of Bradley Cooper in Limitless, but without the makeover.

6:00 pm: Work done, I headed home on what felt like a comedown after a night out, but without the fun part. My mood was on fast decline and sleeping it off wasn’t an option.

It’s all going in!!!

Disclaimer: Ritalin won’t automatically make you study. That’s not how it works unfortunately. The desire has to come from within. Be careful about being lead to distracting temptations. If you want to have a television marathon, you’ll do that very well. You may even have the urge to make onto the Guinness Book of World Records for longest hours spent in front of the TV.

One Robinson Ritalin taker said: “I took Ritalin and got obsessed with a two hour long mix and spent the next two hours finding out the name and artist of every song on it.”

Nightmare. It can make you obsess over random shit.