Sophia Waterman
Sophia Waterman

2nd year Newcastle

Every way to get your one night stand to commit

Or is it just a hit-and-run?

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C.R.E.A.M. get the money

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Praise Jesus

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You got a lighter, mate?

Newcastle boys with eyebrow slits really do it for me

Come at me

Woman raped in city centre

‘We need to find this man as soon as possible’

Uni to introduce stress-busting PUPPY ROOM

Exams making you feel ruff?

Let me wear my bucket hat in peace

They’re a splash of fun in this complicated world

How and where to find yourself on campus


Free periods! SU to scrap tampon tax

About bloody time

My day on Ritalin

I was wired

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Our resident food and vibes critic takes a look inside the Uni’s most illustrious dining hall

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What a randy pair