Build a pancake and we’ll tell you which college you belong in

If you like lemon and sugar on your pancake then go to Bowland

It’s pancake day! The day we celebrate all things sweet and sugary. Everyone likes their pancakes differently. Some like fruit in theirs while others just want chocolate.

We’re here to judge your pancake habits. Tell us how you like your pancakes and we’ll tell you which college you belong in.

First, choose your pancake…


OK, you like the thin crispy ones. That’s respectable. You like the French way of making pancakes. Perhaps you’re a romantic?

If your go to pancake is a crepe then you belong in either Fylde or Bowland. A solid choice, but still, not the best.


Arguably the most iconic type of pancakes, you like to stand out. You’re loud and you like people knowing you’re a BNOC. So that means you belong in either County or Grizedale.


You’re soft, gentle and kind. You don’t dominate a conversation and make sure everyone feels loved around you.

It’s a classic choice, but on pancake day it seems a little odd to choose an everyday supermarket style pancake opposed to the big American style ones. So we’ll place you in Furness or Pendle. You’re not boisterous or loud. You keep to yourself.


If you like raisins in your pancakes, you have strange opinions. You like to do things differently, and that’s OK. So you belong in Cartmel or Lonsdale. Most people choose their accommodation close to their lecturers, but you like to go that extra mile.

Now, choose your toppings…


Classic choice! Unless you’re allergic to nuts, who doesn’t like Nutella? It’s such a staple ingredient and shouldn’t just come out for pancake day.

If your go to on your pancake is Nutella, then many hold the same opinion, so you should be in the biggest college: County.

Milky bar

A unique choice. Maybe you don’t LOVE chocolate and milk chocolate is your go to. This is a fair choice. Not a popular one, but it’s OK to like different things.

You’d be best in Pendle college. You like to be quirky, but may be intimidated by a big personality.

Lemon and sugar

OK, this may be the biggest classic. But, many will agree, it’s a very plain option. So, if you go with the basic lemon and sugar combo on your pancakes, you belong in Bowland. Sorry not sorry.


Yet again another plain option, but it’s great that you want to be healthy. Maybe you’re on a sports team and need to stay fit and the added sugar of Nutella isn’t what you want. You would fit in Fylde college, what with being the sportiest college on campus.

Maple syrup

You want all the sugar! Those who have a sweet tooth will choose maple syrup 100 per cent of the time. Pancake day is the only day of the year when you can unashamedly eat gallons of the stuff and no one can say a word about it.

You like things sweet, so you’d fit in Furness as everyone is so lovely and kind. They’re all so sweet.


For those who prefer a savoury topping… are you OK? Pancakes are made to be sweet. But then again, any excuse to eat bacon is welcomed.

You like to go against the crowd and be controversial. You speak up for what you believe. You’d do well in Grizedale college.


Another fruit topping you may choose are strawberries. They melt nicely in a pancake and make for lovely decoration on the top. If this is your topping of choice then you belong in Cartmel. Sweet and fruity.

No toppings

You don’t like to overcomplicate a good thing. The pancake is good enough on its own. You appreciate the finer things in life and belong in Lonsdale.

So, how did you do? Which college do you belong in? Did your pancake and toppings add up? Or, do you belong in multiple colleges?

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