These are the best pancakes spotted in Lancaster this pancake day

Flippin’ beautiful

Students are not well-reputed when it comes to cooking. The stack of Pot Noodles in the cupboard are michelin star, and the creation of a spaghetti bolognese makes you look like you’ve got your life in order.

February in Lancaster is bleak, but then Shrove Tuesday rolls around. It’s pancake day! Finally, something to be excited about. The sun came out, and the Pancake Man came to campus. It was glorious. The sudden sun seemed to grant Lancaster students with a new ability, pancakes. Suddenly, we can cook better than Ramsey ever could. 

Garrett, First year, English Language

American style, drowning in maple syrup. This is orgasmic to the eye. Garrett also boasts that he made the plump pancakes from scratch. Incredible. 

Sexiness: 10/10, varied in size and imperfectly perfect.

Toppings: 7/10, Okay you added maple syrup, jazz it up boy. 

Vibe: 8/10, Good vibes, looks incredibly tasty. Uber eats us next time.

Chris, First Year, English Lit

“Chef Millis” submitted his pancake via video, bold but unappetising. Despite being a confident contender, we worry about Chris’ lack of in the pancake department. It looks like a ration of bacon. 

Sexiness: 4/10, you knew it was going to be low Chef Millis.

Toppings: 0/10, bleak.

Vibes: 1/10, one point granted for trying. 

Beth, First year, Eng lit and Creative Writing

Oh, what a beauty. A near perfect use of the pan, and the endearing circles we all hope for on a pancake pursuit. Whilst executed well, and remaining charming, its looking bland. A bland pancake is not a good pancake. 

Sexiness: 7/10, she good, but she doesn’t make me wanna throw it back.

Toppings: 0/10, unattempted.

Vibes: 6/10, The good vibes are there but maybe give it some presentation next time. Take the photo after you’ve reached the destination on the pancake pursuit.

Claudia, First year, Design

This pancake really puts the others to shame. With its perfect roundness and height, it looks as if it could have been shop-bought. The strawberries and raspberry are the cherry on the top to these beautiful babies.

Sexiness: 8/10, has a good figure, very attractive.

Toppings: 9/10, the cream and fruit make this a sweet boi.

Vibes: 8/10, looks so good, don’t know why you had time to take a photo.

Matt, First year, Spanish, Maths and Italian

This one is very crispy with a lovely bronzed tan. While it looks rather thin and plain, the shape is good and has been cooked well.

Sexiness: 7/10, a plain Jane of a pancake but still looks tasty.

Toppings: 1/10, no attempt.

Vibes: 6/10, slightly vibing with this one but it’s nothing special.

Alexandra, Second year, Marketing Management

What a stack! This is the Eiffel Tower of pancakes. With Nutella, berries and banana, this is the full package. This has to beat all the other contenders. The other pancakes might as well go home because we have a winner!

Sexiness: 10/10, truly a sex God of pancakes.

Toppings: 10/10, really gone to town with these toppings, heart eyes only.

Vibes: 10/10, nothing to dislike, absolute Goddess.

The art of pancake making is hard to master. While most fail when flipping the pancake and it either ends up on the floor or ceiling, some have truly outdone themselves. Nutella, cream and strawberries are the way to go.