From Sugar to Spoons: Where the cast of Celebrity Big Brother would be found in Lancaster

David would definitely be partying all night in Sugar!

Celebrity Big Brother has been on TV for nearly over two weeks now, and from Louis and Sharon name dropping and gossiping about well-know celebs, to Ekin-Su’s controversial drama, we feel like we know the celeb’s personalities very well. Celebrity Big Brother definitely brings out the chaos and drama, but we’re here for it!

We are here to tell you where the cast of Celebrity Big Brother would be found around Lancaster. Whether its somewhere chilled out and quiet like a cute little cafe in town, or a more lively location like a pub or a bar, the cast of Celebrity Big Brother have such different personalities and would fit in different locations across Lancaster perfectly. 

Fern Britton – The Library

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Fern would definitely be found in the library reading a book in a nice location, like near the plant walls on A or B floor. As a published author, she’d love a chilled afternoon reading books sat with a cup of tea. Fern knows what she likes and being in the library is within her comfort zone.

Bradley Riches – Herbarium

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In Celebrity Big Brother we’ve gotten to know Bradley’s friendly and energetic personality. He’d be found in Herbarium having brunch. Being in Heartstopper, Bradley would love the Herb’s the wholesome vibe, which would also perfectly fit his personality with the cosy atmosphere in the cafe.

Lauren Simon – Cappuvino

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With Lauren being on the hit TV show The Real Housewives of Cheshire, she’s used to the fancier things in life with her lavish lifestyle. Lauren would probably be found in Cappuvino having fancy cocktails with her friends. She’d love their live music, so this would definitely be right up Lauren’s street, and we can imagine her having a chilled evening drinking fruity cocktails with her friends.

Zeze Millz – Starbucks

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Zeze would be found in the Starbucks in Lancaster because she knows what she likes and you can’t really go wrong with a Starbucks. In Celebrity Big Brother we got to know her strong personality, especially when she was chatting to Ekin-Su about Love Island and they had a little disagreement. Starbucks in Lancaster is the perfect place for Zeze to gossip about the other contestants.

Levi Roots – Sainsbury’s

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Levi is famous for his creation of Reggae Reggae Sauce (you have to try it if you haven’t already, it’s a 10/10), and would be found in down the aisles of Sainsbury’s, whether he’s buying ingredients to make amazing food or even buying his own sauce. We have noticed in the CBB house, Levi likes to take over the cooking and can become a control freak when not in charge, so Sainsbury’s is the perfect spot for Levi in Lancaster to buy his fresh ingredients.

David Potts – Sugar

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David would 100 per cent be found partying in Sugar until it closes. From David’s appearances in Ibiza and Kavos Weekender, he definitely loves going out and having a good party. In the house David is absolutely the loudest housemate and honestly it’s not suprising with his outgoing personality that he would be found in Sugar. Only if the dancing pole and cage in Generation were in Sugar, David would be having the time of his life!

Marisha Wallace – Lancaster Grand Theatre

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Marisha works in musical theatre and as we heard in the Celebrity Big Brother house, she has an amazing voice. Marisha would be found in Lancaster’s Grand Theatre watching or even performing in shows as this is what she loves.

Gary Goldsmith – The Secret Bistro

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Gary would be found in The Secret Bistro in Lancaster. Gary is Kate Middleton’s uncle so it’s no surprise that Gary would be found somewhere fancy and exclusive. Gary is also a businessman and entrepreneur so he certainly has the cash to splash on lavish meals.

Colson Smith – Wetherspoons

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Colson is a friendly and down-to-earth guy, so he would definitely be found having a pint in Spoons. Colson’s personality really shone through when he nominated himself for the public vote and with him being on Corrie he is a fan favourite, just like how Spoons is a student favourite.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu – Tipple

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Ekin-Su would be found in Tipple, as a popular cocktail bar. Not only would she visit for the drinks, she’d also be getting some aesthetic pics for her Instagram as well as having a game of table tennis.

Nikita Kuzmin – Ballroom Dancing Society

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Nikita is a professional on Strictly so it’s no surprise he would be found with the Ballroom Dancing Society showing off his best moves. With his amazing dancing skills, they’d definitely put him up to perform at Roses.

Louis Walsh – Merchants 1688

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Louis Walsh would be found in Merchants 1688. He’s used to the finer things in life and with this restaurant having a very good rating, Louis would be found dining here. In CBB, Louis has been gossiping with Sharon and is not afraid to voice his opinion, so this is the perfect place for him as its outstanding reviews give him nothing to complain about (but let’s be honest he would still find something to judge).

Sharon Osbourne – Pendle Brew

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Although Sharon has been gossiping and name-dropping celebs in the show with Louis, Sharon is also quite chilled out which is why she would be found in Pendle Brew. She’d love to sit in Pendle Brew with a coffee in a comfy spot gossiping with her friends. Maybe even Louis would join her.

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