Bay Search and Rescue save over 40 people from being caught out by spring tide in Morecambe Bay

Their patrols also saw their teams helping a number of vehicles to safety

Bay Search and Rescue led over 40 people to safety between 10th to 12th February after the spring tide caught several people out in Morecambe.

Its teams walked many people to safety during their patrols around the bay, as well as helping stuck vehicles to safe ground.

In a video on FaceBook, a spokesperson for Bay Search and Rescue said that the “speed and height” of the tides led to people having difficulty in getting away from the water, and speculated that many cars would have been devalued after being parked in areas affected by the tides.

In a statement on Facebook, it said: “Anyone who comes and visits the Bay and its beaches, inlets and coves will know just how quickly the tide not only comes in, but also immediately after that first wave of water how quickly it fills.

“If you see people in difficulty around the bay, and on the coast, please simply dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard, they will task the most appropriate team to assist.”

On 12th March, Morecambe Lifeboat issued a warning about the fast incoming tides on Morecambe Bay. They warned people of “10 metre or plus” tides over the coming days.

Featured image via Bay Search & Rescue on Facebook.

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