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UCU announces all strike dates for Lancaster Uni students

All 18 days of strike action have now been confirmed

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Sorry if this makes you even MORE frustrated x

Lancaster Motorsport society announces ‘Race to the Stig’

It’s the biggest game of hide-and-seek to grace the Lancaster Uni campus

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Give the gift of Greggs this Christmas

Tell us about your uni Christmas traditions and we’ll tell you what festive candle you are

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Light Up Lancaster to showcase research from Lancaster University

The city’s annual light festival will run to coincide with Bonfire Night

Nobel Prize Laureate to give public lecture on campus

Professor William D. Phillips will be giving a free Public Lecture at Lancaster University on November 23rd

A bol of truth: An interview with BolSoc

‘Our main aim of BolSoc (Bolognese Society) is to show that we all have something in common as silly as it may be’

Man arrested following vandalism on VIBE nightclub

Lancaster Area Police have arrested a 46-year-old man

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