Happy St Paddy’s weekend! Here’s your guide to St Patrick’s Day in Lancaster

Here’s the best and most lucrative way to spend St Patrick’s Day in Lancs


St Patrick’s Day is upon us, and whether you’re planning to get lashed this weekend or mildly enjoy the festivities, it’s a great excuse to have some fun as term begins to wind down. To celebrate the holiday, we’ve collated some of the best deals going on around on campus and in town for people wanting to celebrate the holiday properly. Irish or not, it’s always great to celebrate.

Campus Bar crawl

On Friday the 15th March, there will be a bar crawl held on campus, stopping at various campus bars to celebrate St Paddy. This will feature appearances from local bands and musicians, as well as drinks deals.

5-6.30pm – County

Music from RICE and The Cryptograms

Free Vegan Irish Stew with Soda Bread

Irish Coffee – £3

5-6.30pm – Bowland

Music from Citrus Tax

Jawbox Gin & Mixer – £4.50

6.30pm onwards – Furness

Music from Susie & Ben (6.30-7.30pm)

Karaoke from 8pm

Mourne Mountains House Red Ale £5.40 a pint (also available in third, half or two thirds of a pint)


Bar snacks

Baby Guinness – £2.50

7.30-9pm – Grizedale

Live music from Telex Sun and The Vandangos

Busker Whisky Cocktails.

8-9.30pm – Pendle

Live music from The Usuals and Paragon

Bar snacks

Chieftain IPA – £3.50


Bar snacks

Jameson Stout Edition – £3.40

From 9.30pm – Cartmel

Live music from Slump

Free Champ (an Irish dish of mashed potatoes with spring onions, butter and milk)

Gunpowder Gin and mixer – £4.50

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Pendle Witch

At the Pendle Witch there will be music all this weekend. There will be a DJ from 9pm on Saturday, and live music from 9pm on Sunday. And of course there will be deals on Baby Guinness shots.

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There’s amazing drinks offers going on in Wetherspoons this weekend. With specials on Guinness, Baby Guinness, Beers, and Ciders. This is all part of a Saint Patrick’s Day deal, and to go along with the Cheltenham Horse races.


The 16th of March Vibe will be selling special tickets for a Saint Patricks filled Saturday. Get your tickets now, as they are on sale. The venue is set to be decked out for a Saint Patrick’s themed night, and there will be deals on drinks in order to celebrate the occasion.

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Free night at Generation

On Saint Patrick’s day it is a night of free entry at generation, so you won’t have to pay on the door on Sunday night. As well as this, you can also get 50 per cent off all drinks between 1opm and 4am. On top of all of this, there will be karaoke all night to celebrate.

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