Lancs students: It’s time to apply for The Lancaster Tab 2024/25 editorial team

The deadline is on April 22nd, so get applying!

Alas, the time has come. Those of us who have been running Lancaster’s favourite student news outlet must throw in the towel and hand the keys over to the next group of fresh-faced writers, ready to take on the world… well, at least the world inside of Lancs. The question is, could one of the new editors be you?

The Lancaster Tab is an outlet read by thousands of students every month, so do you have what it takes to be in charge? Journalistic experience is not necessary as you will receive training if selected for the role, but you must be keen and excited and full of ideas! It’s a big commitment but is absolutely worth it for the experience, not to mention makes a nice little addition to your CV.

Let’s take a look at the three roles on offer and see whether you could be the next member of The Lancaster Tab’s 2024/25 editorial team.

The deadline to apply will be Monday 22nd April.


You will be responsible for overseeing every article published by The Lancaster Tab and lead the direction of our coverage. It is your responsibility to organise the weekly meetings, as well as write content, commission articles to the team and communicate with The Tab HQ. You will also organise fun socials, such as our annual Christmas Meal and Tab Awards!

Day to day, you will work with section editors to make sure we are breaking big stories and publishing entertaining features. You will work closely with the Social Media Editor to ensure regular posting takes place, as well as be able to help create content, and encourage others from the writing team to get involved with coming up with ideas for the social media.

Alongside this, you’ll be managing and editing individual writers, making sure The Lancaster Tab has the most talented writers in your team. It will be your responsibility to deal with any problems and stay on top of writers to keep yourself, and your team, happy and functioning.

This role is suited to somebody who is motivated, passionate to represent students and, above all, organised. You will need to be able to oversee all the moving parts of The Lancaster Tab and manage your time effectively. It’s incredibly rewarding and amazing experience to have.

News Editor

You’ll be responsible for finding out all the most shocking scoops on campus. It’s your responsibility to keep your finger on the pulse and to know a good story when you see one. You’ll also write every week and support the Editor-in-Chief by editing articles.

News is unpredictable and fast-paced. When a story occurs you need to have the ability to move quickly and efficiently.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

Features Editor

You’ll be in charge of writing and editing our fantastic feature pieces. You should have a strong idea of what you would like the features section of The Lancaster Tab to look like and where you aim to take it.

The role allows you to be witty, educational, opinionated and creative in your writing. It’s important you know what’s relevant, interesting and funny to the specific student audience at Lancaster Uni. You will bring article ideas to the meeting and help writers develop, as well as assisting the Editor-in-Chief with editing.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

Apply for our editorial using the form below! You can apply for as many roles as you like but please note this does not guarantee you will be selected. The form will close on Monday 22nd April. Ready, get set, apply!

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