We asked Lancs students about their moments of love at uni and the responses are adorable

What a lovely way to finish off the term

Making friends at uni can be amazing: you meet a completely new set of people, and within a week you might be spending every spare moment together, feeling like you’ve been besties since you were babies. Honestly, without our friends, the uni experience would be nowhere near the “best years of our lives” that everyone promises it will be.

In honour of these friendships, we asked The Lancaster Tab’s followers on Instagram to send in any and all small moments of love or friendship that they have experienced while at Lancs. From hanging out in Williamson Park to bringing each other presents, the responses were so cute that we just had to share them with you all here. So, we’ve rounded up the top moments of love for Lancs 2024.

‘The ability to always have a friend to hang out with because we all live so close’

This is, without a doubt, one of the best things about uni. From late-night snacks to spontaneous sweet treat trips, being literal footsteps away from your best friends is a real pick-me-up on those more stressful days.

‘I was having a terrible day and my friend surprised me with a Costa in the library’

A true friend is someone who notices you’re down without you having to say anything and immediately does something to cheer you up, and we’re so glad that this Lancs friend lived up to the standard. Coffees and sweet treats are surefire ways of brightening someone’s day, but we have a feeling that in this case just having a friend show up on a bad day was exactly what this person needed.

‘Meeting the love of my life!’

We’re not crying, you are.

‘Telling my bf how much I love getting stuff in the post, so now he posts all his cards to me’

Listen up, Lancs: IF HE WANTED TO HE WOULD. Who doesn’t love getting love notes (or cards) in the post? We just know that every time you see his handwriting on an envelope it brings a smile to your face, and we’re so happy for you! We really think that everyone should strive for a relationship where someone listens to what you want and acts on it – this is your reminder that you deserve those love notes!

‘Staying for hours after everyone else left and just talking’

There’s nothing better than late-night chats, and uni is the best place for them. These are the kind of conversations where you end up either deliriously giggling at 4am or sobbing about everyone who’s wronged you after a strangely deep conversation. There is no middle ground, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘Painted hearts for each other for Valentines’

This is so so cute and truly what Galentines (or Palentines) is all about! We’re all here for spending Valentine’s celebrating your friendship group.

‘Me and a girl calming each other down and congratulating each other when we finished our presentations’

Presentations are often the lowest moments of uni, so having supportive seminar-mates who hype you up before and after your presentations is one of the best possible motivators to get through your speech. Now Lent term presentations are over, this is just what we needed to cheer us up.

‘A girl told me she liked my crocs’

The simple things are often the most meaningful, and compliments from strangers can instantly change how your day is going. This is your PSA to spread some compliments whenever you can because it could make someone so happy they’re telling us about it days later.

‘A picnic in Williamson Park’

We can’t wait for the summer term to hit along with the perfect picnic weather, and we’re sure that this person and their friends will be right in there with the crowds of students filling the BBQ areas on campus and the walking spots in town.

‘Randomly stargazed with friends last week at Williamson Park’

When we say we love spontaneity, this is exactly what we mean. We’re sure that this will be a core memory for years to come, and definitely helped to take your minds off exams and deadlines.

‘My friends proposed to me in Spoons with ring pops’

This is so so adorable, and we’re sure that the presence of a ring pop as a midday treat was a real bonus. Having friends be so happy to be around you that they’re willing to propose?? It would complete our YEAR.

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