Quiz: Find your next dissertation writing study spot in Lancaster based on your personality

Stop procrastinating and go write your dissertation xx

Dissertation season is fully underway at Lancaster University and it’s finally the time to start writing the dreaded 10,000 words. Writing your dissertation can be long and difficult, and procrastination is your worst enemy.

Campus and Lancs city centre have a lot of different study spaces to offer, and there will definitely be the perfect place for you. It’s always good to have a change of scenery from your go-to spot, so why not switch it up with our recommendations?

Maybe you’re struggling to find the best place to study and write your dissertation, but this quiz will find it for you, based on your personality. Maybe the library is full of dangers for procrastination, or your favourite cafe is no longer doing it for you, and you need a new spot. Whether you like a quiet study spot, or like to do work around friends, we know the perfect place.


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