Tell us about your Lent term at Lancs and we’ll tell you which GUTS tour moment you are

Currently channelling all of our stress into screaming along to Get Him Back x

Olivia Rodrigo is almost one month into her GUTS world tour, and we’re obsessed with the iconic clips coming out of her concerts. From bringing us back to 2000s Disney Channel with her Love is Embarrassing choreography featuring the classic Disney knees to literally being carried through the air by a giant moon for Logical, every concert is jam-packed with memorable moments that have us all begging for extra tour dates.

Each moment is such a vibe that anyone can relate to the energy Olivia brings to her new album, and with the Lent term coming to an end and the UK stretch of the GUTS tour fast approaching, we thought that now would be the perfect time to create a GUTS-themed quiz to get everyone excited for a break from uni. Just tell us how your Lent term has gone, and we’ll let you know exactly which moment from the GUTS tour matches your vibe.

Featured images before edits via YouTube.

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