BREAKING NEWS: Lancaster has won Roses 2024

Lancaster now has an overall 29 wins


Lancaster University is the winner of Roses 2024.

At the end of Saturday, the second day of the competition, Lancaster leads with 179.5 points to York’s 103.5.

The win at women’s volleyball on Saturday night means Lancaster has passed the threshold of 172.5 points needed to win the competition.

Image via Roses Live website

This is Lancaster’s third win in three years, which has not happened since 1986. This also brings Lancaster’s overall wins up to 29, over York’s 28 wins. This is the first time Lancaster has led in overall wins in 18 years, coinciding with the university’s 60th anniversary this year.

VP Sport Jack Watson said: “It’s been another fantastic victory for Lancaster this year! I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive well done and thank you for all the hard work and dedication each and every one of our athletes has put into the weekend. Roses is a competition of blood, sweat and tears; all of which went into this year’s victory.

“I also want to thank the amazing work of the Students’ Union staff and volunteers, who have gone above and beyond to host the most memorable Roses ever. I’m so proud of the work they have done, along with the performances and spectatorship of our students, in bringing it home for a third year in a row. Thanks also, of course, to the University, who’s partnership with the Union is crucial in making our great varsity thrive at Lancaster, and I think we can all agree that this year has been pretty special! And thanks as well to the amazing student media teams who covered the whole weekend so well, they did a fantastic job and add so much to the atmosphere of the event.

“Finally, a big thank you to York University Students’ Union and our colleagues across the county border. Can’t wait to see what next year brings, but for now, it brings me a lot of joy to once again say that Roses are Red!”

Lancaster University Vice Chancellor, Andy Schofield added:  “I’d like to pay tribute to York, you’ve come a long way, you’ve been great competitors this year, but this is Roses and this is the competition that decides the colour of the rose for another year and I am delighted to declare that for another year Roses are Red.”

There are still fixtures to be played on Sunday, including Dance, Archery, Lacrosse and Martial Arts. The varsity competition will finish at 16:30 with Women’s 2nd Netball.

Updates on all events and outcomes can be found on the Roses Live website.

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