Lancaster, get ready: It’s time to nominate your BNOC 2024

Are you ready for it?

It only comes round once a year. You don’y know when it’s coming (in fairness, because we don’t tell you), so you wait, in anticipation, with baited breath. You joke to your friends who wave to everyone they see on campus that they could be the next winner. But you never really mean it.

That’s right, folks! The time has come to nominate your friends, your flatmates, that person you sat next to once in a lecture and everyone in between for The Lancaster Tab BNOC of the Year! That’s Biggest Name on Campus – an award bigger than Roses. Bigger than the sports awards. This is the pinnacle of your university career – this is CV-changing, life-affirming, and raises you to the equivalent of vice chancellor.

You could be the biggest fan of the ducks, play on every sports team in Roses, or have raised the most money with your Movember ‘tache. Perhaps you’re in Grizedale Bar every night of the week, have a booth in the library named after you, or are simply a recognisable member of the Lancaster community. There is no criteria. You simply have to be a Lancaster student, and truly believe you have what it takes to be the biggest BNOC. .

If you think you know the person that is destined for fame, glory, and Instagram shoutouts from The Lancaster Tab as our BNOC 2023/24, drop their name, Instagram, and tell us the reason why below. And yes, you can even nominate yourself. Let the competition begin!

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