Jess Boot-Cowie

Mental Health Awareness Week: Why looking after your mind is important at uni

Everyone has mental health, just like everyone has physical health

We interviewed Lancs Star Wars Society for Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you!

We went to as many Roses events as physically possible: Part three

I never want to look at sports again

We went to as many Roses events as physically possible: Part two

I know even less about sport than when I started

We went to as many Roses events as physically possible: Part one

I know nothing about sports

The Sugarhouse announce Roses line up

There are special guests on both Friday and Saturday nights

Here are Lancs petrol stations ranked from most to least expensive

The cheapest petrol is 152.7p

If you can relate to these 13 things you’re definitely a Lancs Uni fresher

No one is allowed to ask me where I’m from ever again

POV: If you relate to these 17 things, you’re the Lancs main character

We’re here exclusively for the vibe

We spoke to Lancaster Feminist Society about International Women’s Day

‘The day is a reminder that privilege exists in society and there is a long way to go’

Further wave of protests against rising cost of living held in Lancaster

Energy prices are set to rise by 54 per cent in April

We found the cheapest flights from Lancs and you can go on holiday for just £9

Ibiza for under a tenner is the dream

13 subtle ways to drop into conversation that you go to Lancs Uni

Because you don’t want to be obvious now that we’re no longer top 10

Lancsolidarity walkout held in Alexandra Square

Protesters spoke about racism, access for disabled students and pensions

I went on a walk around Lancaster campus every day for a month and my calves are burning

I very nearly gave up

Lancsolidarity to hold student walk out in Alex Square

The protest will begin at 10:45am on Wednesday

LUIFS to host The Lancaster Forum on 5th and 6th March

The flagship event is set to be one of the largest student-run conferences nationwide

Quiz: Tell us your Costa preferences and we’ll tell you what you’ll graduate from Lancaster with

We’re not judging if you order a chai latte, promise

Nothing humbles Lancs students more than these nine things

Meeting someone who lives in Bowland Tower changes your perspective

Stagecoach to increase Under-19 DayRider price in March

The price is set to increase by 20p next Tuesday

Lancaster Uni’s active part in the ‘Plant-Based Universities’ campaign

‘The debate will be polarising’

The best walks in and around Lancaster for students pressed for time

Improving mental health in the sunshine

‘We don’t like to strike’: We went to the picket lines to ask lecturers about the strikes

‘We need to make it untenable for them to be so unethical’

‘It’s a community’: An interview with the Lancaster Peeny Greeny Society

‘It makes no sense, but that’s why I love it’

We watched Netflix romcoms and put the characters in Lancaster colleges

The number of County boys was concerning

Here’s which Disney universe you belong in depending on your Lancs college

If you’re in Grizedale you belong in Encanto, it’s just a fact

10 New Year’s Resolutions Lancs students probably should have made

Guilty as charged

Lancaster University publishes ‘new suicide prevention strategy’

‘A whole-university approach to student mental health and wellbeing’

10 things I wish someone had told me before I started at Lancs Uni

So much time and effort wasted

10 things you’ve definitely experienced as the sober friend on a Lancs night out

If one more person tries to drunk call an ex, I’m going on strike x