Complete University Guide says Lancaster University is top in the North West

This Complete University Guide currently ranks 130 UK universities

It has recently been announced that Lancaster University remains the top university in the North West.

This was announced in the Complete University Guide 2025.

Lancaster University’s national position also ranked 11th out of 130 universities across the UK. A range of Lancaster University courses also ranked highly:

  1. Social Work – ranked first
  2. Communication and Media Studies – ranked second
  3. Biomedical Sciences – ranked third
  4. Linguistics – ranked third
  5. Drama, Dance, and Cinematics – ranked fourth
  6. Italian – ranked fourth
  7. Creative Writing – ranked sixth
  8. Architecture – ranked seventh
  9. Art and Design – ranked seventh
  10. French – ranked seventh
  11. Marketing – ranked seventh
  12. German – ranked eighth
  13. Physics and Astronomy – ranked eighth
  14. English – ranked 10th
  15. Sports Science – ranked 10th

Professor Wendy Robinson, Lancaster University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, said: “It is fantastic to see Lancaster retain its position as the top-ranked university in the North West, and to also maintain a good position among the best institutions in the UK. From our cutting-edge research and wonderful teaching, to our vibrant campus and welcoming atmosphere, Lancaster is an excellent university which constantly seeks to enhance and enrich our overall student experience, with a holistic approach to their learning and personal growth.”

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