Bridgerton deleted scenes

‘Just a rumour’: Nicola denies Bridgerton deleted scenes which caused furious fan petition

‘You got all the Polin we had’

So, if you’re a Bridgerton fan, you will have probably seen that everyone has been FUMING over the last few days after rumours were going round about loads of deleted scenes being cut from the final edit of Bridgerton season three.

So much so that a petition was actually set up demanding Netflix restore the deleted scenes. It now has over 57,000 signatures.

Fans felt as though the final edit of the show didn’t do the relationship between Colin and Penelope justice and that the cut scenes would provide vital moments between the couple. They are therefore demanding Netflix and Shondaland to restore the deleted Bridgerton part two scenes into the original episodes or release them separately.

However, Nicola Coughlan herself has actually just denied these rumours about deleted scenes and said “You got all the Polin we had”. Awkward! Replying to an Instagram comment that said “Just imagine if they gave us the deleted scenes” Nicola said: “Aaah this is just a rumour! I think you got all the Polin we had but there’s lots of BTS still to share.”

As well as this, Bridgerton producer Tom Verica also replied to a comment which asked: “Can we please get an extended version of episode eight with Polin sex montage” where he called the whole thing a “myth”.

Bridgerton deleted scenes

The scenes which fans thought were missing from the show were:

• Colin going home with Penelope after he finds her at the modiste, which leads to an angry kissing scene
• Polin laying in bed together talking about publishing Colin’s manuscripts
• Colin whispering sweet nothings to Pen in front of the mirror, kissing her neck and being playful
• Long intimate montage in episode eight (including a scene in which Colin goes down on Pen)

But it seems these scenes were never actually filmed in the first place and were not just deleted from the final edit of the show.

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