Bridgerton historical inaccuracies

All of the completely unforgivable historical inaccuracies in Bridgerton season three

Still not over the acrylic nails

There are a lot of things Bridgerton gets right. The vibes really are immaculate. However, there are loads of historical inaccuracies people have noticed in season three that are actually quite jarring. Now before you start shouting that it’s not the point of the show, of course it isn’t there is literally Pitbull blasting out whilst two characters are going at it. But that doesn’t make the glaring errors anymore annoying.

So these are all the completely unforgivable historical inaccuracies in Bridgerton season three:

Saying ‘I’m pregnant’ instead of ‘with child’

One thing that’s really irked people this season is that they’ve changed saying “with child” to saying “I’m pregnant” like you would today. Being such a modern phrase, it really is quite jarring.

All of the beauty errors


This just blew my mind because why was this my nail inspo for my nail appt??😭😭😭😭 #bridgertonseason3

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One of the biggest things people have been hating this season is all the beauty errors. Penelope has acrylic nails throughout the entire season and unless she used all that Whistledown money to grab herself a time machine, these were definitely not around in the recency period. She also has face gems and a lot of the characters have fake lashes, contour and smokey eyes. Enough!

The outfits

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So yes, we know the Bridgerton outfits have never been perfectly historically accurate but they really have been taken to a new level this season. The Channel-inspired jackets? Colin’s zebra vest?? Cressida’s humungous sleeves? The Queen’s moving swan hair? And don’t even get me started on the sheer gloves. Sorry but what in the 2020 Shein core?? Seaon one and Bridgerton had proper silk gloves that were accurate to the time period and a whole lot nicer.

The iPhone face

Ever since they recast Francesca, everyone’s been obsessed with saying she has an iPhone face. AKA a face that doesn’t work for period drama because she looks too modern, like she’s seen an iPhone or an air fryer.

Other speech and mannerisms

As well as the pregnancy issue, there are a whole load of phrases and mannerisms that just feel way too modern in season three. Firstly Penelope saying “I have feelings for you”. Um, we went from “I burn for you” to this? It’s giving Love Island. Then we had Lady Danbury saying “Don’t come for my cane” like she’s a TikTok girlie.

As well as this, the accents are all a bit off. Not all of the characters would have had a British accent because it wasn’t invented until the early 1800s so the older members of the ton would have had more of an American-style accent.

It’s all too clean

According to this TikTok, the whole thing is too clean and the characters definitely would have smelled a bit given they only really bathed once a week. Definitely puts a dampener on the carriage scene!

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