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A video has resurfaced of Justin Timberlake seemingly telling Britney Spears to stop drinking

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Days after he was arrested for driving whilst intoxicated, a video has resurfaced and gone viral showing Justin Timberlake seemingly sending a warning to ex girlfriend Britney Spears telling her to stop drinking at an awards show.

The clip went viral online again after Justin Timberlake was arrested on June 18th in the Hamptons  after being pulled over by a cop who allegedly didn’t even know who he was.


Well well well… Justin Timberlake had a message for Britney in 2007. #justintimberlake #britneyspears

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The clip is taken from the 2007 Brit Awards, when Justin Timberlake had submitted a clip of him accepting his award. In his speech, he says “Stop drinking. You know who you are, I’m speaking to you. Stop drinking, you’re gonna get sloppy, OK is gonna say something bad about you.” For context, this was sad in the heights of Britney Spears’ troubles and in the midst of the press being vile about her – something she has explained in detail following being freed from her conservatorship and in her book.

After Justin Timberlake got a lot of backlash for his drinking comments from Britney Spears fans, who like most interpreted his dig as a comment aimed directly at her, the singer backtracked and claimed that it was a general comment and not aimed at any one person but was wider advice to the audience. He told GQ at the time that he was “referencing people in the crowd, no one in particular.”

Still, after his arrest the video has done the rounds again with most people giving a wry smirk at Justin Timberlake as the tables look like they’ve well and truly turned.

Fans also thought Britney Spears shaded Justin Timberlake the day after his arrest when she posted a picture of a cocktail to her main Instagram feed.

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