Love Island 2024 cast with cosmetic surgery

All the Love Island 2024 cast who spent big bucks on cosmetic procedures before the villa

Some spent well into the thousands


As with most seasons of Love Island, the 2024 cast have openly said they’ve had some cosmetic surgery and work done before the villa. Looking that good every day on the show definitely isn’t something that comes for free.

Whether it be from talking in interviews or posts on Instagram, it’s clear that this year the cast have had a lot of work done in the past. From fillers and Botox, to hair changes, veneers and muscle toning.

Here is a rundown of all the Love Island 2024 cast members who have spend loads of cash on getting cosmetic surgery work and procedures before the villa.

Harriett Blackmore

Harriett spent over £4,500 on cosmetic surgery and work before the Love Island 2024 villa, and has posted loads about the procedures she had done. On Instagram, transformation clips show her going to clinics and getting work done.

“Get Love Island ready with Harriett Blackmore” is the caption of one video, and it shows her getting a muscle toning procedure on her stomach. The same clinic has also posted about Harriett visiting in March to get lip filler, cheek filler and chin filler topped up.

She also spent a lot of money getting her teeth done, having a course of Invisalign and teeth whitening before the show. According to the website of where she had this done, it costs around £4,000.

Jess White

Jess also spent thousands ahead of the villa, getting a boob job and lip fillers. She had her boobs done a few years ago, and ahead of the show said: “I’ve had one boob job and I had that done like three years ago, now, maybe longer than that. So that’s the only bit of cosmetic surgery I’ve ever had and it was the best thing I ever did.”

There are also pictures from an aesthetics company sharing pictures of Jess visiting them earlier this year and getting her lips done.

Nicole Samuels

Old pictures of Nicole from before the show have emerged, and she looks completely different. Whilst she’s not commented on any work she may or may not have had done, it’s been rumoured Nicole has had some lip filler, and on Instagram it’s been confirmed she had her teeth done before the show.

“Villa ready smile,” her dentist posted. She shared that Nicole had her teeth whitened, as well as six veneers on her top teeth. Veneers can cost up to hundreds per tooth, so this probably cost over £1,000.

Ronnie Vint

Alright, alright. Everyone has been talking about the idea Ronnie might have had a hair transplant, and why he sits so upright in bed at night. Dumped Islander Munveer has done the lord’s work and clarified it all – it’s hair fiber!

Munveer said: “No comment on the barnet, that is not my place to say. He’s very open about it. He spoke to the boys. It’s basically hair fiber. The fallbacks are gone and he’s using hair fiber.” Essentially, this is a powder you put onto your scalp and it makes your hair look thicker and darker.

Samantha Kenny

A clinic in Liverpool shared that Samantha visited them ahead of the show to get a complete “villa transformation”. She had skincare treatments, facials, anti wrinkle procedures and fillers.

According to the clinic’s website, anti wrinkle procedures can cost up to £350, fillers up to £300 per procedure and facials are up to £150. Given it sounds as though Samantha had more than one type of filler, plus the skincare treatments that haven’t been specified, her pre villa look would have cost her around £1,000.

Speaking ahead of the villa, Samantha said: “I’m an honest person, the only thing I’ve had done [right before Love Island] was Botox. I get that anyway, I get it every couple of months. I’ve had my Botox done and other than that, I’ve had like a facial, switched up my skincare, but that’s it really. I get my lips done anyway.”

Grace Jackson

Grace has posted a TikTok where she shares all the details of the cosmetic work and procedures she had done ahead of the Love Island 2024 villa.

Speaking to her doctor, when asked what she wanted done ahead of the Love Island villa, Grace said: “Definitely tear trough [filler], I’ve not had that done for over a year now so I feel like that really needs doing. I think maybe a little bit [of filler] in my chin, you know how we just round it off? I don’t know what you think about lips, they’ve not been done for over a year. They’ve lasted really well. I over line them, so without lip liner I don’t know if they just need a little bit more.”

Grace went on to say she has had Botox in her forehead in the past, but wouldn’t need that topped up ahead of the villa as it’s still “fine” from her last top-up.

The clinic she visited is based in Manchester, and according to its website tear trough filler costs £395, chin filler is £395 and lip filler also costs £395. So from this, it could be estimated Grace spent around £1,185 on fillers right before the villa.

Tiffany Leighton

Tiffany hasn’t spoken much about any work she has had done, but from old pictures it’s clear she’s had a full set of veneers, and it’s believed she’s had lip fillers and maybe a boob job. As previously said, all of these treatments together can cost well into the thousands.

Matilda Draper

Ahead of her time in the villa, bombshell Matilda had lip filler and dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are also facial, and are done to reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, contour and create volume, and to revitalise the skin. She visited KA Aesthetics in Croydon, where lip fillers can cost around £210 and other dermal fillers up to £280 per time.

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