Old pictures of Nicole before Love Island 2024 have emerged and her glow up is real

Now this is a transformation

Someone has dug out a load of old pictures of Nicole Samuel before her time in the Love Island 2024 villa, and she’s had an incredible transformation. The pictures are from her 18th birthday, on a night out with friends.

Nicole is 24 now, and is an account manager from Aberdare. Ahead of going into the villa, she said: “My personality is big and I’m pretty out there, I reckon I’ll probably have one of the biggest personalities in the villa.”

Before the show she clearly loved a big night out on the town, as the old pictures show her living it up as soon as she became legal to drink and go out. She wore a pink sash, which read “18 and legal” in big black letters.

Nicole Samuel before her time in the Love Island 2024 villa

via Facebook

She looks pretty unrecognisable, then with long jet-black hair, compared to her shorter, brunette hair with blonde bangs in the villa. It looks as though she had some food and went to a club with friends, and her mum later posted the pictures to Facebook.

There are also some photos of Nicole on Instagram with black hair, showing she only dyed it recently. It looks as though she has been gradually dying it lighter since around 2022.

Nicole hasn’t spoken about any work she got done ahead of the villa, but a post on Instagram shows she had her teeth done for the show. “Villa ready smile,” her dentist posted. She shared that Nicole had her teeth whitened, as well as six veneers on her top teeth.

In a TikTok video, a plastic surgeon was shown two pictures of 24-year-old Nicole, one from her Instagram alongside her Love Island promo picture. “Are those two different photos of the same person?,” he asked. He then savagely guessed she is 35, and has had her lips filled, as well as veneers and Botox.

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