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Munveer has finally explained what’s going on with Ronnie’s hair on Love Island

Can sleep well tonight with these actual answers

There’s only one main character this season of Love Island, and it’s none of the Islanders. The breakout star of Love Island 2024 is actually Ronnie Vint’s hair, which has absolutely fascinated viewers because nobody has a clue what’s going on with it. There are a million theories, and it all ties in with the further analysis everyone’s been doing on the insane ways he sleeps upright and in other bizarre positions. Thankfully, dumped Love Island 2024 Islander Munveer provided some answers on what’s actually going on with Ronnie and his hair.

Speaking on the Not My Bagg podcast with fellow dumped Islander Patsy, Munveer finally gave answers on what’s going on with Ronnie’s hair.

In a conversation about the weird way Ronnie sleeps, host Joe Baggs asks if it’s because he doesn’t want “to ruffle up his hair”. Munveer says “No comment on the barnet, that is not my place to say. He’s very open about it. He spoke to the boys. It’s basically hair fiber. The fallbacks are gone and he’s using hair fiber.”


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Some more insight on it came from Rhys Stroulger on TikTok, who has had a hair transplant in the past. Rhys explains “I’ve been seeing so many videos going around of this guy Ronnie and his hair. And people are like, is he wearing a toupee? What’s going on here?

“As a guy who went bald and looked through all the different hair loss treatments and ended up getting a hair transplant in the end I can tell you exactly what’s happening here. He’s got hair fibers in his hair, which is essentially a powder you put onto your scalp and it makes your hair look thicker and darker.

“When you see him at night, he’s obviously rubbed all those hair fibers out of his hair before he’s gone to bed because it will literally go all over the bedding. You can see more just how much he’s thinning. It’s not a toupee, it’s not a wig, it is hair fibers.

“He’s obviously very insecure about it or he wouldn’t be using these hair fibers to cover up the fact he’s losing his hair. Going bald as a man is such a hard thing. It’s part of your identity, and when you go bald you lose a bit of yourself. It’s horrible. Give the lad a bit of a break!”

Seems like we finally know that hair fibers is the answer we’ve all been craving on the Ronnie hair sitch – now we can watch Love Island with some peace of mind. Thank god.

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