‘A massive source of inspiration’: Lancaster Volleyball on opening for Roses 2024

‘We hope to harness the pressure and instead of letting it break us, let it push us further’

Roses 2024 is set to kick off today, Friday 3rd May, and Lancaster students are ready to make Roses red again after last year’s win. A team that has an extra reason for excitement this weekend are Lancaster University’s Volleyball team, after it was announced that Volleyball Open Firsts will be headlining the Roses’ 2024 Opening Ceremony. We spoke to the team in the run up to the event to see how they’re feeling.

‘It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase what our sports has to offer’

When asked about how hearing they were playing in the Opening Ceremony felt, a spokesperson for the team described it as the “best feeling ever.”

“I know we have a great team this year with a lot of skilful players,” they added, “we are all aware of the responsibilities that come along with this opportunity therefore we push the hardest we can to make Lancaster proud!”

‘We have a good home record and we know we can count on the support of the crowd’

Last year, Lancaster’s volleyball team brought home an overall win against York at Roses, winning their Women’s Second, Men’s First and Women’s First competitions. When asked whether this has affected their attitude towards this years games, the team said that their goal is to “add another win in our season and not let these results get in our heads.”

One team member added that they have been “performing very well in our Division One games,” but “York is a team that we haven’t faced yet this season therefore we are going to do our best to not give them any chances.”

‘Opening Ceremony has been a massive source of inspiration’

The team says that playing in the Opening Ceremony is “such an honour and a privilege.”

“It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase what our sports has to offer and all of the hard work that’s been put into growing the sport within the university.”

They also commented that they plan to “repay that privilege and start off Roses right.”

‘It’s going to be even better with the size of the crowds’

Roses is taking place in Lancaster this year, and we asked the team whether this will impact their game.

“Playing at home creates an inherent pressure and stress,” one team member said, “but it’s the type of stress that if you dream of and that if you harness properly, it can have such a positive impact on your play.”

‘We’ve significantly amped up our training sessions’

The team say they are “training as hard as possible” in the lead up to Roses weekend, with “position-specific trainings as well as increasing intensity.”

They have also implemented an alcohol ban in preparation for game day. “We’re committing to the team in terms of discipline and responsibility, staying ultra focused outside of the sport as well as within.”

2024’s Roses Opening Ceremony will take place this Friday 3rd May in Lancaster University’s Sports Centre from 6pm. Tickets can be bought here.

Featured image via @lancsvolleyball on Instagram.

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