Flip or flop? We rated Lancaster students’ pancakes

Pancake Day is the best day in February

Another Pancake Day has come and gone and you either love it or think it’s just another thinly disguised excuse to eat a lot. Although who’s really complaining about that? There are so many different types of pancakes and a variety of different toppings and fillings to make it either sweet or savoury. Whether you believe that bacon belongs on pancakes or that Nutella is the only rightful spread, Pancake Day may undoubtedly be the best day in February. 

But how did Lancs students handle the pressure in the kitchen? Did their pancake flips flop and turn into mush or splatter upon the ceiling like in a cartoon? Or maybe we have Lancaster’s own Paul Hollywood within our midst. 

Poppy, first year, Cartmel

Some nice and light colouration here and an added air of mystery with an anonymous filling. Is this a Nutella pancake? Syrup? Lemon and sugar? We’ll never know, but it’s very neat.

This chef is clearly a pro at rolling pancakes – not a drop of filling has spilled out. This could have earned itself a few more points if there had been a stack of mysterious pancakes, or a more exciting plate. But as there’s only one, we give this an even 5/10.

Anna, third year, Lonsdale

The half topping situation which is going on here is jarring but also aesthetically pleasing. It is clear that time and effort has gone into the production of this pancake design and the helping of Nutella is very satisfactory.

Overall we award this pancake an 8/10 as not only does it look good, but it also looks like it tastes good. The crispy edges would definitely make for a full pancake experience. 

Trina, third year, County

There are many layers to be considered with this pancake. The pancake itself has some nice colouring to it and looks like it’s got some thickness to it, which some may not be a fan of but is needed to support the toppings here. The biscuits crumbled on top add a nice texture and the sauce has been layered on suitably and is clearly a highly effective glue to keep the biscuit in place.

A solid 9/10 for this pancake as it may cause minor roof-of-mouth injuries from spikey biscuits, but otherwise it looks incredible and probably tastes just as great.

Rebecca, third year, County

Either this photo was taken in the middle of the pancake eating process, or it was a bit of a first pancake pan disaster. The presentation of this pancake leaves much to be desired, but the topping choice of chocolate spread and banana is one that you cannot fault. Therefore, this creation gets a 5/10 from us. 

Charlie, third year, County

Jam is a pretty unusual choice of pancake topping, even more so when it’s combined with syrup. If you like having sore teeth from a sugar overdose, this is the combo for you. The pancakes themselves are American style – small, fluffy and perfectly stackable. Inoffensive albeit on the sweet side, a well-rounded 7/10.

Charlie, second year, Grizedale

It’s hard to know what to think of this pancake, mainly due to the fact it is in a large mug rather than the traditional way of serving a pancake: on a plate. It can only be assumed this is a lemon and sugar topping situation since there is no evidence of there being anything to make this pancake redeemable.

That being said, the pancake itself is well cooked and of a decent thickness. It’s a 5/10 from us.

Jaya, first year, Furness

What went wrong here? Was this pancake caught on the edge of the pan, mid-flip? Did it need to be salvaged from the floor? It’s still raw and rather wet-looking on one side so whatever happened, it can’t have been good. A disappointing 2/10 as, despite the disaster, credit is due for attempting to cook one side before flipping.

Amelia, first year, Grizedale

The highlight of this pancake is definitely the plate. That being said, the pancake itself is a rather nice, round shape, if a little thicker than would be preferable (unless, of course, it is an American pancake). The syrup is rather sparingly used on this pancake which is rather upsetting yet neatly designed. Perhaps it was all that was left in the bottle? That is the only thing that would explain the lack of topping here. It’s an ok effort but really only a 5/10 as it doesn’t really appeal massively to the taste buds.

Lucy, first year, Fylde

A healthy coverage of chocolate chips on this American-style pancake should give a reasonable amount of flavour, the major criticism here being that it’s quite small. Even as far as American pancakes go, an extra bit of pancake around the edge wouldn’t hurt. It would give more space for chocolate chips, as a minimum.

As this shot was taken mid-cooking, we can only hope that no disasters occurred during the final moments of creation and this chef got to enjoy their work. 7/10 for the extra mini-pancake on the side.

Michael, third year, County

This stack has a lot going on. It looks filling and appealing, even if it looks a little as though everything is falling off of it. The fruit is a nice balance for the syrup, so this wouldn’t be too sickly and you can pretend you are making a healthier choice. The squirty cream is a welcome addition, and it is clear that this pancake creator has put time and thought into this pancake design, even if the execution is a little bit messier. Overall, this pancake stack gets an 8/10.

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