Pancake Day: Which pancake should you make according to your college?

Frying pans at the ready, Pancake Day is here!

When choosing a college most people say that it doesn’t really matter, that it’s just about what accommodation you prefer, but when it defines the pancake you should make this Shrove Tuesday, one may argue otherwise. Of course colleges matter. From providing the opening line of any conversation with another student, to deciding which Bridgerton character you are, if there’s one thing that The Tab Lancaster can teach you, it’s that colleges do matter.

So, from the classic American pancake all the way across the Atlantic to the French crêpe, which one should you make this Pancake Day, based on your Lancaster University college?

Cartmel – French crêpe

This thin pancake is best served warm. It can be customised with various fillings, chocolate, berries, or even caramel if you’re feeling jazzy; the choice is yours! A crêpe is arguably the most portable pancake there is, and with Cartmel College being located so far from the rest of humanity, food that can be eaten on the go is simply a necessity.

Bowland – Japanese Souffle Pancake

Bowland’s central location means that most food outlets are within a stone’s throw, so a pancake that is not easily accessible is your best bet. Souffle pancakes are not the easiest to make but once you take a bite of its fluffy goodness you will feel like you’re on cloud nine, making it 100 per cent worth the effort! Garnish them with some whipped cream and fruit to reach ultimate pancake perfection. These pancakes epitomise the college’s motto, “Bowland Till I Die” because they are to die for. Seriously.

County – American Pancakes

County is the biggest college on campus and in that spirit, a large helping of a thick and fluffy classic American buttermilk pancake topped off with bacon and drizzled in maple syrup seems the most fitting. County’s diner serves really homely food, but a classic American pancake can give you the same level of comfort of your own accommodation. What’s not to like?

Graduate – Dr. Sebi Approved Spelt Pancakes

Graduate College screams maturity, and part of adulting is making health-conscious choices about the food we eat. These pancakes are quite simple to make, alkaline, and vegan but it does call for switching pretty much every ingredient in a classic pancake. Spelt pancakes are the solution to reaping the benefits of an Alkaline Electric diet and enjoying a delicacy this Pancake Day. Even if the health kick isn’t for you, use this Pancake Day to dabble with a different lifestyle.

Furness – Cereal Pancakes

Just like County, Furness’ pancake is reflective of the college’s size. Being that Furness is the smallest college on campus, so small that it seems like a figment of our imagination, mini pancakes would be the ideal choice for this Shrove Tuesday. The little pieces of heaven known as cereal pancakes have taken TikTok by storm, so your college might actually be the reason for you becoming a viral sensation.

Lonsdale – Traditional British pancakes

Being one of the founding colleges of Lancaster University, Lonsdale is bound to be rich with history and traditions; a British pancake topped with lemon and sugar embodies this. If you are feeling a bit more 21st Century, Nutella or Biscoff spread on the pancake works a real treat too! You can never go wrong with a classic British pancake because it is simply the best! Moreover, it’s a foolproof way of using up any ingredients that you’ve got hanging around in your kitchen cupboard.

Fylde – Keto pancake

Fylde is the sporty college; a low carb pancake will be very on-brand this Shrove Tuesday. If you want to be a little extra or it’s a workout day, you can add a bit of protein powder into the recipe and then decorate with orange zest which would count as an eighth of your five a day, and your pancakes would be sporting Fylde’s college colour! Use this Pancake Day to pay the ultimate homage to the college you love so dearly.

Pendle – Bewitching blueberry pancakes

A brief history lesson will justify the pancake choice for Pendle, the college’s name derived from the 1612 Pendle Witches, who were involved in one of the most notorious witch trials in English history. The link between witches and blueberry pancakes was made in the 1969 film “Winter of the Witch”. While the pancakes you make might not be magical or contain psychedelics like the movie, they probably will taste good and that should be good enough, right?

Grizedale – Slumber party pancakes

Let’s play the word association game, Grizedale. Did you say party? Well if you didn’t, you should’ve. Grizedale is the party college and the pancakes you make this week need to reflect that quality. Live out every child’s fantasy this Shrove Tuesday, with a chocolate-chip pancake placed underneath a large scoop of ice cream and all the sugary toppings Sainsbury’s has to offer. What a treat.

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