Which Bridgerton character are you based on your college?

Simon is SO Grizedale

Since its release on Christmas Day, Bridgerton has taken the world by storm. If you haven’t watched or even just heard of Bridgerton, you definitely live under a rock.

Just in case you were wondering what Bridgerton character you are purely based on your college’s stereotypes, then look no further.

County – Anthony Bridgerton

Like Anthony, County college students have a blown-up sense of self-importance. If you’re from County, you immediately assume you are the main character based purely on being part of the biggest college. You are fiercely loyal to your college family and perhaps a little overprotective at times. Always up for a drink and a visit to the opera (aka karaoke at Skint Mondays) to flirt with the ladies.

Bowland – Colin Bridgerton

Bowland is known for being a bit drab and unmemorable, much like Colin. Despite being at the centre of all the action and drama, this doesn’t make you particularly special. You’ll probably fall for the first person that shows you any attention at uni, but they will inevitably break your heart when they find someone from a better college. Sorry x

Furness – Penelope Featherington

Furness is perhaps one of the more underrated colleges, being small and inconveniently located. If you are from Furness, you can definitely relate to Penelope the most, as she spends most of the show being ignored by everyone. You are kind-hearted and always there to help out a friend, but you are probably hiding a big secret.

Fylde – Siena Rosso

Fylde is the notoriously sporty, overachieving college. Much like Sienna, if you are from Fylde, you are passionate and driven. If you want something, you will go out and get it, and you aren’t afraid of telling people how it is.

Lonsdale – Benedict Bridgerton

Lonsdale college, like Benedict Bridgerton, is a bit of a mystery. You don’t really have an important presence and you are located far away from the centre of campus. However, this means you can pretty much do what you like and get away with it, and you are ok with that.

Pendle – Eloise Bridgerton

If you are from Pendle, you are not particularly out there on the social scene, but there is something about you which defies categorisation. You aren’t afraid to break free from expectation, and you remain a bit of a mystery to those around you. Much like Eloise Bridgerton, you are the most misunderstood character in your life story.

Graduate – Lady Danbury

You are more mature than everyone else, but you manage to pull it off effortlessly. You like to pretend you are still an undergraduate, so you often hang around with them and meddle in their lives, but you will always be seen as the ‘cool aunt’ of the group rather than one of the gang.

Grizedale – Simon Basset

A bit of a party animal who doesn’t want to settle down, if you are from Grizedale college, probably relate most to Simon. You prefer to spend your nights drinking and dancing, and would rather duel someone than have to get married. Most likely to start a fight in Sugar for no real reason. Big soft boy vibes.

Cartmel – Daphne Bridgerton

Like Daphne, Cartmel college has a reputation as being the expensive college. However, nobody pays much attention to you when there are more interesting colleges about. Just like Daphne uses Simon to attract suitors, you have to make friends with someone living in the central campus to have any social life. You desperately want to fit in, but realistically you’re a 20-minute walk from the central action, and this bothers you.

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