Describe your lifestyle at Lancs uni and we’ll tell you which Riverdale character you are

Don’t let me be Penelope

In honour of Riverdale series five being released this week, we started wondering which Riverdale character we’d be if Lancaster suddenly evolved into the hot mess of Riverdale High. Whilst Lancaster may seems worlds away from totally random teen dramas and students randomly jumping into sudden musical episodes, perhaps the Lancs uni lifestyle really isn’t that far from Riverdale.

Your lifestyle at uni says a lot about you, and what Riverdale character you really are. Your milkshake order from Juicafe really shows where you’d fit in Pop’s Diner. Think you’d be concerned about a totally random, totally suspicious murder in your area? Looks like you’d fit right in, you might even try solving it yourself. Ever wondered if you’re more of a Highest Bitch In Charge like Cheryl or a supposed wallflower with a dark side like Betty?

Wonder no more, take the quiz below to find out which Riverdale character you really are: