Here’s where we went in Lancs to get pancakes this pancake day

The only day of the year when it’s acceptable to eat five pancakes in one day x

Shrove Tuesday: the best Tuesday in the whole year. This year it’s landed on March 1st, and as we welcome the new month with sunshine and positive vibes, we get to do it with Nutella and syrup on our lips. Whether you prefer the crepe style pancake or the fluffy American ones with loads of sugar and chocolate, today is the day to branch out and eat as many as you’d like.

There are many places in Lancaster to get your pancake fix today. Here are the places we went to and how we found them.

Outside the engineering building

We all know the purple tents which pop up outside the engineering building selling pancakes every Tuesday. Or maybe you didn’t know that pancakes were sold every Tuesday on campus, and if you haven’t had one of these pancakes before, then today is the best day of the year to change that. Does the pancake man come every Tuesday so it aligns with pancake day? Smart move.

With all the toppings you could ever want, from the classic lemon and sugar, to banana and Nutella, all your pancake needs are catered for.

These pancakes are the classic crepe style. That thin crispy batter. Even if you prefer the fluffy American style pancakes, today’s the day you can try all the different types of pancakes. Who’s going to stop you?

The Deli

Another place we went to get pancakes was The Deli at the top of the south spine. While The Deli is commonly known for providing great lunch options with a soup of the day and banging mac and cheese, they also sell pancakes.

If you love scotch pancakes, then you need to head to The Deli right now! Look how fluffy and delicious they are. The ice cream made it even better with the chocolate on top. Yum yum. Nothing gets better than this.

The Herbarium

The Herbarium is the best place in Lancs to get vegan food, so of course it’s the best place to go to get vegan pancakes this Shrove Tuesday. They have an array of delicious and quirky pancakes, both sweet and savoury, including: apple strudel, tiramisu, and one they call “Eggy Big Boy” (which is scrambled tofu and vegan sausage).

Nowhere is more Instagramable than The Herbarium. What’s the point in spending money on pancakes if you can’t post a cute aesthetic picture on your socials to make everyone jealous?

The Chaplaincy

From four to six pm today, The Chaplaincy at Lancaster University will be giving out free pancakes for pancake day. In a post they said: “Go early to avoid disappointment”.

Free food? You definitely don’t want to miss out.

Where did you get your pancakes from today? Or maybe you made your own. Send us your pancake pics on Insta!

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