VOTE: Where is Lancaster’s best place to relax in the sun?

Deadlines don’t count when the sun is out, right?

You have voted for the ugliest and sexiest buildings on campus, and, in the spirit of summer, why not declare where the best outside spot is as well? The sun has been out, and that means deadlines have gone on the back burner in favour of enjoying an iced coffee in the fresh air.

With unpredictable English weather being what it is, it’s almost impossible not to want to make the most of the potentially limited sun, but to do so, shouldn’t you know where the best place to be is? Whether it be on-campus or off-campus, have your say in where the students of Lancaster should be heading to soak up the sun.

Williamson Park

We had to start with the sacred ground that is Williamson Park. If you’re a Lancs student and haven’t ventured up here at least 100 times, what are you doing? We got to enjoy this beauty in the snow (didn’t she look fab?), and now we get to enjoy the park when the sun is shining. Williamson Park may be the most famous park in Lancaster but is it the best?

Accessibility: 4/10, it may not be miles away, but that hike doesn’t make this the easiest place to get to without feeling like you’ve run a marathon

Surroundings: 7/10, this has to lose marks for the lack of a bathroom

Vibes: 9/10, grass, Ashton Memorial, trees; what more could you want?

Dalton Square

Dalton Square may not be a typical park, but it has a hidden beauty to it being so close to town. Whether you want to grab some lunch or just sit on the grass with your friends, Dalton Square is perfect.

Accessibility: 9/10; being right next to town, it could not be easier to get to

Surroundings: 8/10, you may not have the stunning views that Williamson Park offers, but you do have the whole of the town centre at your fingertips

Vibes: 7/10, the cars might be a bit off-putting but the vibes could not be better when that market is up and running

Ryelands Park

Being slightly out of town, this park is a quiet and calming place if you just want to get away from the chaos of a deadline. Bring along a book and take your mind off all your troubles.

Accessibility: 5/10, this park is by the Millennium Bridge, a bit more of a walk than Dalton Square or the town centre, but once you are there, it is definitely worth it. Just think, you could hike up a hill and nearly die or walk a bit further without going into cardiac arrest

Surroundings: 7/10, pretty trees but at the end of the day, they are just trees

Vibes: 9/10, I mean, just look at it

Town Centre

If you only have half an hour between seminars or revision sessions, just nipping into town can be a perfect way to experience the warm weather still. Find yourself a friend and a bench, and it can still be a great time.

Accessibility: 8/10, no matter where you live, this might be the easiest place to get to, all those in the city likely have all the town has to offer on their doorstep, and even for those on-campus, it’s still just a bus ride away

Surroundings: 6/10, aesthetically speaking, may not be winning high points; however, if we are talking food and drink, the town centre clearly has it all. Whether it be getting a cake from Journey Social or an iced coffee from Cafe Dolce, the town really does cater to everyone’s needs

Vibes: 3/10, what can I say? The vibes in town just aren’t there


This location speaks for itself; sit on a bench and enjoy the peace and quiet. What could be more relaxing than a body of water and perhaps a few dogs passing by you? If it’s in the budget, head on over to the Water Witch to treat yourself.

Accessibility: 8/10, no matter where you are in town, everyone will be able to access the canal

Surroundings: 6/10, don’t get me wrong, the canal is sexy, but sometimes the canal can look questionable

Vibes: 7/10, play Folklore, and you can live your main character fantasy

Alexandra Square

Alexandra Steps seems to be a magnet to students when the sun makes an appearance; everyone in the library instantly migrates here, and who can blame them? Whether you live on campus and need to get out of the flat or are spending all day in the library trying to meet that deadline, nothing can beat sitting on the steps in the sun. Why not treat yourself and get a Greggs while you’re at it.

Accessibility: 8/10, like town centre this is pretty accessible to everyone regardless of where you live, whether it is right on your doorstep or just a short bus ride away, the challenge to get here is never too great

Surroundings: 9/10, Greggs, Costa, Ducks. Must I say more?

Vibes: 7/10, a bit of grass could go a long way, but you can’t have it all

Bonnington Steps

This spot on campus may not be as famous as Alexandra Square, but this might arguably be the better option of the two. Just off the main hustle and bustle of campus, this can be the perfect place to sit back and relax or even bring down a book or a laptop to get productive in the sun.

Accessibility: 8/10, being the centre of campus, there once again is no challenge in finding this spot

Surroundings: 9/10, this spot brings a sense of peace with it, but you are still within walking distance from those on campus essentials

Vibes: 8/10, grass and a water feature? This might be the best of both worlds

Now it’s up to you; where are you heading when the sun comes out?

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