The results are in: The Round House is the sexiest building on campus

The people have spoken

As with all fair competitions, the time has come for the results!

After leaving the voting open for over a month, it’s time we revealed once and for all which building is officially the sexiest on campus.

But, before we go to our sexiest, let’s check in with the buildings that just missed the spot.

Coming in third the worst (which really isn’t that bad in this competition) was the Engineering building, whose cement structure clearly didn’t impress our audience.

Second, not being the best, we have the Post Graduate Statistics Centre. Despite the water feature and the hot spot of the ducks, it wasn’t enough to combat for the prized position.

But to complete our podium, it’s time to look at first place, drum roll, please…

The Round House!

Standing strong and proud in Lancaster Square, just in front of County Main, our top-heavy circular brick structure has stolen the top position. We have it now our loyal audience, the heads, to the ugliest buildings tails. The Ying to the Yang, our two polar opposite buildings on campus have been crowned. Now say what you will about County Main, but it just got a massive boost in reputation.

But without further ado, your crowned sexiest building…

Congratulations to the Round House! I’m sure there were doubters of your ability to gain this title, but here you are, being crowned our winner. And that’s it, folks. You voted for your Ugliest building, and finally, we have your Sexiest.

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