Here’s what each college will wear to the gym now it’s reopened

Is the outfit for gym purposes or just for a cute Instagram picture? We’ll never know

With some sense of normality returning and gyms finally being open once again, students from the colleges across campus have been returning to the sports centre or their preferred gym in town after months of waiting. From the sporty student to the one who wants a picture for their story (yes, we see you), you will see a whole host of people at the gym- all who will be mentally figuring out what outfit they’ll wear for their grand return.

With the collegiate system creating colleges, each with their own stereotypes, such as the sporty college that is Fylde to the party college known as County, these character traits are present everywhere- even when it comes to the gym. From a cute matching set to a practical gym shirt and shorts, what outfit you’ll wear depends on what college you are in. So without further ado, here is a prediction of what each college would wear to the gym if they were a person (and please don’t be offended if it’s not true).

Bowland – the one in jeans

Yes, I’m as horrified as you, but this is apparently a real thing. Not being an avid gym-goer myself (which makes me the perfect person to write this article), I had to refer to some of my more experienced gym friends and, to my horror, learnt that they had, in fact, seen people working out in a pair of jeans. The idea that someone would willingly work out in jeans seems both bizarre and inhumane to me, but if it had to be anyone, it would be Bowland. As a Bowlander myself, this seems right.

Grizedale – the put together one

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With Grizedale bar arguably being the most luxurious with their impressive cocktails, this classiness continues when it comes to gym outfits. Their go-to gym outfits aren’t necessarily expensive, but they wouldn’t be seen dead not looking their best. I mean, after all, what’s the point in going to the gym if you don’t get a good photo opportunity?

Wearing a matching two-piece or a classy performance t-shirt, Grizedale is here to do business, and you know they’ll look good doing it. Afterwards, they can reward themselves with a two for one cocktail and honestly, it’s the life I wish I could live.

Furness – the casual one

With this college just keeping itself to itself, it makes sense that their go-to gym outfit would be simple and casual. Furness may attend a smaller college, but it’s proud of who it is, so a little bit of college representation wouldn’t go amiss; you’ll see their gym attire definitely includes the college hoodie for that quality college representation.

Pendle – the hippie one

Known for its witchy aesthetic, Pendle would definitely sport a tie-dye number or any other hippie print when planning their gym outfit. If they’re not exercising outdoors or doing some niche sport, they’re doing yoga at the gym in their extravagant clothing, They know they stand out, and they like it. This outfit was probably picked up at a charity shop or some local clothing place, and the entire ensemble is very aesthetically pleasing.

Cartmel – the expensive one

With catered accommodation and a bathroom you don’t have to share with several other people, Cartmel can definitely afford to splash out on an expensive piece of gym wear. Arguably known as the ‘posh’ college, Cartmel turns up to the gym to hit the weights in a pricey bit of gear.

This outfit is practical but can also definitely be worn to get a Starbucks from Barker House, and that versatility is something I can admire.

Lonsdale – the incognito one

Lonsdale college remains fairly tucked away in the South of Campus and is purely at the gym to work out and not be seen (same here, to be honest). Sporting an all-black outfit or something similarly camouflaged, Lonsdale doesn’t need to be the centre of attention but is still an avid goer of the gym. Being fairly far away from the centre of everything, half the work out involves just getting to the sports centre.

Fylde – the practical ones

Kicking it off with a major stereotype, to begin with. Known as the sporty college, Fylde is no stranger to the gym and with a few staple items such as a Nike or Adidas top. Fylde students are the prepared athletes that we all strive to be. Fylde is an expert when it comes to the gym and has their routine down to a tee, and it’s honestly impressive (and a little bit annoying, but that is just my jealousy talking).

With their athletic outfit ready and gym water bottle in hand, Fylde students make the perfect motivators and gym partners. Guaranteed, they’ll be outside your door at six am to remind you about that gym session you regret agreeing to.

County – they’ll go (eventually)

County knows how to party- I’ve seen your Snapchat stories, and I’m both jealous and impressed. They had planned to go to the gym and had their outfit ready and waiting, but after the fourth townhouse party of the week, it just doesn’t seem feasible. One day they’ll make it to the gym and finally show off their gym attire, but for now, the idea of recovering from that hangover seems so much better.

Each college arguably presents itself with its own stereotypes, and who knows? Maybe the next time you go to the gym, you’ll spot a few of them yourself.

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