500-person socially distanced picnic: Extrav plans for 2021 leaked

The theme will be more of a ‘chilled pub garden party vibe’

In an accidental leak, Fylde college students were given an inside look into what this year’s Extravs may look like from a proposal brief that LUSU sent out to the university officials.

Extravs in 2021 must be adapted to fit in line with COVID-19 and capacity restrictions.

LUSU stated that working with the campus partners, they are eager to provide an enjoyable and climactic end to a difficult year.

This year’s Extravs move away from the traditional late partying and are to be “owned” by each college, with the theme focusing on more of a “chilled pub garden party vibe” with enough space for students to socialise and roughly five benches per event space (seating for around 300 people).

Each venue is proposed to have an outdoor “self-contained DJ booth truck”, as well as the possibility of funfair rides (however, additional funding has been recommended for this).

The JCRs’ proposed budget is currently £1500 for each college for DJs, entertainment and decorations.

The brief also stated the return of the Welfare Hubs’ “Late Night, Do It Right” national campaign, which created safe spaces for attendees who need time away from the event with staff proactively monitoring these spaces throughout the events.

LUSU has also proposed four spaces for these events:

    1. Lancaster Square: County & Bowland
    2. Bonington Step: Furness & Fylde
    3. Quads to the rear of Grizedale Bar and Charles Carter: Grizedale & Pendle
    4. Alexandra Park Boulevard: Lonsdale & Cartmel

With current government guidelines and the road map out of lockdown, there were concerns about how the rule of six indoors would play out, especially with the potential removal of social distancing measures from the 21st of June.

The brief has stated that there may be the potential for “bar spaces, click and collect or socially distanced seating, and they can be brought into the equation closer to the time.”

The university expects around 500 people at each event, with tickets and wristbands available to enter the event through the SU portal, Union Cloud, to help gauge interest in the events.

In a new proposal, tickets are expected to be priced at four pounds per person to provide an “in-event return through food and drinks vouchers to be used at the event through Retail Services; free drinks, burgers, pancakes or ice creams.”

Previous Extrav tickets have been priced at nine pounds fifty per person with no food or drink option.

If outdoor events are not allowed from the 17th of May, the brief states that “serious consideration will need to be given as to whether the events can go ahead and what financial impact this may have.”

The current plans show that the university is considering a “Picnic by the pond” event on Saturday 26th June, where “A showcase of student groups on the fields leading down to Lake Carter; performance stages and activity hubs for give-it-a-go sessions and 500 people having a socially distanced picnic.”

A Sports Tournament then follows this from Sunday 27th to Wednesday 30th June where the college will be taking part in four-annual college varsities taking place in “a celebration of sport”.

The university is then considering a two-day Extrav on Thursday the first and Friday the second of July from early afternoon until 11 pm.

The Thursday plans show County, Furness, Grizedale and Lonsdale events taking place first, and Friday’s plans for Bowland, Fylde, Cartmel and Pendle students.