Here are all the little things you are definitely missing about Lancaster

The idea of doing my housemates washing up has never been so appealing

As our online summer term slows into the end of the year, all the little things that make up being a Lancaster student are more apparent than ever. Despite Generation making a comeback at the start of July, there is undoubtedly a longing for one more last night out. But more so, there is a heart wrenching need to just be a Lancaster University student again.

Being a Lancs student isn’t just Sugar and Greggs and Ducks, there’s an uncountable amount of little things that just make being in Lancaster beautiful. Now we are yearning to just be around our friends, it’s a severe need and we would do anything to be sat on a sofa somewhere near uni just passing a friend a cuppa and doing fuck all together for the day.

There’s so many little things that make up our uni experience that we all need right now, so we compiled them and we’re sharing them just to share the weight of this sad period of time. Hope you can cope.

Asking for a return to town from the bus driver

“Can I have a return to town please?” you ask sweetly, after rummaging through the loose change in your bag and just about finding £3.10. You have spent about ten minutes hoping that the bus driver thinks you look around 18 so you qualify for the day-rider and the apprehension in the build up to stepping through those doors is often a lot to handle.

There’s a feeling of achievement you get when you claim that day-rider that cannot be replicated anywhere other than on a stagecoach bus.

Going for a “quick one” in Spoons

Telling yourself you’re only going for a quick one in Spoons with your mates. In reality this has never happened.

You go to spoons for “just one” which inevitably turns into a random Thursday night in Daltons, a trip to Flames and a quick vom in an alley on the way home.

Regular pub quizzes

Once the novelty of going out and spending a fortune on booze in clubs has worn off, you’ll probably start appreciating all the good pubs that Lancaster is home to. And with a good pub more often than not comes a great pub quiz.

It’s hard to go another week without berating your flatmates for not knowing that, of course, the largest rodent is the capybara; or that the capital of Brazil is Brasilia, not Rio de Janeiro. I miss it. I really do.

A place where it’s acceptable to leave your washing up for two days

At home this just isn’t going to happen. There’s nothing more satisfying than letting your washing up pile up over a couple of days then feeling like Mrs Hinch when you get your shit together and do a big clean.

Queuing for Gregg’s no matter wind, storm, sun, snow or hail

It is the modern man’s crusade. There is nothing more satisfying, nay, rewarding, than queuing up in blistering weather for what feels like an eternity, and to be rewarded with that buttery, flaky pastry.

And with that, there’s nothing more soul-destroying than hearing “They’re not hot, is that okay?” And having to whimper back (fighting the tears) “Yeah, that’s fine.” 

The family of reusable Sainsbury’s bags that live in your room

They used to annoy you, but now that orange glow from the corner of your room is as familiar as an old friend. You want to embrace them, pander over them make sure they’ve been okay.

“Anyone out tonight?”

That sweet little message that turns your really dull Friday seminar into an hour of planning pres for that night.

“Anyone going to the shop?”

A follow on from the “anyone out tonight?” message. Trying to get your echo falls order in with a flatmate that is already on their way down to Tesco express whilst you’re on the bus home is an exciting event that takes place only before pres.

Flatmate’s cutlery

In comparison to your flatmate’s cutlery, your bendy forks are useless. You await the evenings they are out at training to cook your dinner just so you can feel the thrill of using their plastic coated cutlery as you eat your spaghetti.

Of course, you’re washing them up after and pretending you never ever used them. The whole experience is a secret love affair between you and the cutlery, and it’s a love lost during the pandemic.

Trying to pull apart your card deck which has been drowned in Vodka

Basics Vodka is good for one thing and one thing only, getting you absolutely shitfaced on a Whoops Wednesday. Trying to pull apart your card deck for a few rounds of ring of fire used to be a grim task, but now it’s nostalgia. The idea of needing to wash my hands immediately after touching the house’s cards is more endearing right now than a spa retreat.

The trek to Lidl

We all know that Lidl is the unsung hero of Lancaster, but the walk from anywhere to that sanctuary is usually unbearable. Now, it’s a venture we long to take. So what if it’s a 40 minute walk there and back? Does it really matter than my fingers will blister from carrying the bags home? Not anymore.

When your library crush sits down opposite you

Oh fuck. Shit. It’s them. Quick text group chat: “Guess who just sat down opposite me!?” Okay, look cool, look casual, look productive. You haven’t even noticed them. Do not look up from your laptop.

Sharing a bathroom

Needing the toilet whilst your housemate takes a shower is one of the many frustrations of living with other human beings. By the end of first term in year one, you’re over the need to wait and having a wee whilst they’re behind the shower curtain, or brushing your teeth as they do their skincare routine.

Getting ready for a lecture in 15 minutes

Never learning your own lessons. It’s always okay to decide 15 mins extra in bed is better than looking banging for a lecture every day. Why else would you buy dry shampoo? You know your bus leaves at 8:15, but you still insist on getting up at eight am every morning, and for some reason that’s okay.

Pretending the music in the little room is different to the big room in Sugar

Let’s face it, the music in Sugar isn’t great, but to be completely honest why should we blame them? Everyone is probably too hammered to notice at the time, but that doesnt stop people saying “come to the smaller room, the music is better in there.” It isn’t. Fair play, you’ll probably hear one ABBA track in there, but aside from that it really isnt different. Just accept the trashy music and enjoy yourself. VKs, anyone?

Complaining about the lack of seats free in the library

“I was actually going to do this essay today! Now I can’t! You’d think with three floors, there would be one seat!” you think to yourself after walking aimlessly around A floor and A floor only.

Asking your flatmate to boil the kettle, and they actually do it

It’s a rare occurrence, but when it happens an immense amount of love channels through your being and every shit thing they have ever done is forgotten. You know, James, it didn’t matter that you never helped with the bins last week. You have been redeemed.

Getting a pastry from Lidl bakery for the trek home

Did your trip to Lidl really happen if you don’t have a mini pizza to show for it? If you don’t treat yourself at the bakery then you don’t love yourself.

Going on campus to “study”

Going onto campus to “study” but immediately messaging your friends and asking if they want to go to Costa. I don’t think I’ve ever done a full day of study on campus in my life.

Having pasta for dinner, every single day

It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s easy. You can drown the stuff in pesto and it feels healthy. Smother it in tomato sauce and you’re a master chef.

Doing your housemates washing up

Alike to stealing their cutlery, doing their washing up is a tedious chore turned endearing. Please leave your plate on the side, it means you exist outside of zoom calls.

Walking to Sugar to see the queue is too long, then going to Daltons instead

It happens at least three times a year, and you knew as soon as you left you had no chance of getting in. You will still act surprised when you see the queue going round the corner, and you will always say: “Daltons instead?” as if that wasn’t the plan all along.

Doing fuck all, with your mates

It’s been a while now since I have been in the company of my mates. I would do anything to roll out of bed into the living room, to join them on the sofa for a long day of chatting shit and watching Night at the Museum.

I miss the turn of their little heads as I get up to make a tea and return with four hot mugs. Chatting shit with someone who is also good at chatting shit, a Lancaster love story.

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