Lancs students told us about their weirdest lockdown dreams, we analysed them

One of us has an A in GCSE psych, we are qualified to analyse you

The current climate has meant that we are all banished indoors, wasting away our prime time binge watching Netflix, scrolling through TikTok and sleeping… a lot! While living in such strange, unknown times, our confused state of minds can often be reflected within our dreams. We asked Lancaster students for their weirdest and craziest dreams in lockdown, and you did not disappoint.

Call me Sigmund Freud, because you are about to be enlightened about what your crazy dreams signify. From dreaming about hooking up with ex flatmates, to dreaming that Coronavirus is in fact all a dream, here are Lancaster uni student’s wildest dreams analysed by yours truly.

“His face morphs into a big huge thumb”

“My relationship ended in lockdown and recently I had a *nightmare* about Tinder. I went on a date with a boy from Lancaster uni, he was a sports boy and we were sat opposite each other on the date and after a while I was just not feeling it. He would not let me leave the date at all. So, to be kind, dream-me said, ‘maybe we could take a selfie?’ He agreed so I take his phone and take a selfie with him and then I look at the phone and his face morphs into a big huge thumb. His head was a thumb!

“So I say goodbye and head for Sugar. Before entering Sugar, I bump into my first year flatmates and one of them was like, ‘how was your date?’ I say it wasn’t good, then he starts getting all cuddly with me. (I definitely don’t fancy him, at all.) In the end, I woke up when it turned into a sex dream… Unfortunately.”

Right, let me just digest all of that for a moment. So you seem to be missing the attention and affection of a relationship, therefore have manifested this desire to be loved within your dreams. If you have just come out of a long committed relationship, then dating again will feel daunting, hence the strange and crazy morphing of his head into a thumb, as the idea of dating again seems alien to you. As for your flatmate being overly friendly, this could just reflect your desire to be liked, therefore you dream about the closeness and familiarity of being with a friend, as a comfort compared to the disastrous date you had. Was I supposed to warn you about how deep this analysis would be?

“My house was burning down and every single one of my neighbours were clapping”

“My house was on fire but no one would help because it was the NHS clap. It was dead weird, my house was burning down and every single one of my neighbours were clapping but everyone was like SORRY we’re clapping for the NHS. The clap lasted like half an hour instead of a minute.”

This reminds me of the meme with the little girl smiling in front of the burning house. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems as if the burning house represents your fears of Coronavirus and how it is destroying our social lives and future which you cannot change, therefore all you can do is put on a smile and carry on with life as it is, represented thought the clapping as we all come together and try to get through these scary times.

“I have been having sex dreams due to the lack of sex”

“I have been having sex dreams due to the lack of sex. Sometimes it was with a grad student I got with last year, super hot, like spicy hot. He was really good. Other times it’s a guy that I met on Bumble during quarantine, 22, super cute, hipster beard. We’re planning on meeting up for coffee when things eventually return to ‘normal’. But we’ve technically had our first date on Animal crossing.”

A classic case. You clearly crave what you cannot have. Everyone is barred indoors, desperate for that human contact. As to whether it is weird to be dreaming about sex this much, probably not. We are all uni students, after all.

“I went outside and the whole university was playing Hokey Cokey”

“I was in this massive like princess castle but my room was a tiny box room. Some of my flatmates were living there and they just kept smashing all my drinks glasses. So I was pissed off so I went outside and the whole university was playing Hokey Cokey and having the best time so I joined in with that instead.”

Okay, this is very random. But I think it is rather obvious that the box room to princess castle represents your desire to have a bigger space as you feel contained and want to break free (insert Troy and Gabrielle singing Breaking Free from HSM). This is just like the stress relief of wanting to play children’s games and have a great time. In these current times everyone is feeling rather low and deflated by our lack of socialising and freedom. So maybe go for more walks, enjoy the fresh air and go outdoors to release any stress you may be building up.

“I had a sex dream about the dad from Good luck Charlie”

“I had a sex dream about the dad from Good luck Charlie. Unfortunately I can’t remember what else happened I think I was too shocked by what had happened.”

Out of all the Disney channel celebrities to be having such dreams about, your mind decided on the dad from Good luck Charlie? Interesting. Maybe dad bods are your thing. Surely Billy Ray Cyrus from Hannah Montana would be the first Disney dad to appear in a sex dream? Each to their own.

“Had a full on fistfight in a dream with my flatmate who never cleans up after herself”

“My flatmate is just a really messy person to live with, and drives my flatmates and I up the wall because of how untidy she is. But it’s more than untidy, she’s actually dirty. Long story short, she’s wormed her way into a lockdown dream of mine so then, naturally, I started a fistfight with her. Yes, I had a full on fistfight in a dream with my flatmate who never cleans up after herself. Happy days.”

While often dreams represent your subconscious thoughts, this dream seems to be a blatant representation of what you truly think about your flatmate. This flatmate has obviously affected you so much, that even though you are no longer currently living with her, she has crawled into your dreams and disrupted your most peaceful time of the day. Maybe you need to make your flatmate aware of your opinions about her untidy nature. If it is affecting you this much, maybe have a conversation with her, that is, if you are living with her next year. As to the fistfight, I would say restrain yourself from making this a reality.

“In Jurassic Park with Ronald Reagan”

“In Jurassic Park with Ronald Reagan being chased by a t-Rex and he shouted ‘yeet’ when he threw a dog, hoping the T-Rex would go after that instead of us.”

As to what this actually means, there are no obvious hints here. Perhaps you feel insecure or frightened of something in your life, which is metaphorically chasing you. As to the dog being thrown to throw off the T-Rex, maybe this represents you avoiding your problems to divert the problem so you don’t have to deal with it. As to what is on your mind which is tormenting you, I cannot say.

“There actually wasn’t a pandemic”

“I dreamt Coronavirus was a dream and there actually wasn’t a pandemic. Also, I was able to go to Sugar and VKs were three for five pound, rather than six.”

We can all dream. But alas, you wake up to discover that you have to live another day inside the comfort of your home because Boris wants us to stay indoors. To be honest the reality of Coronavirus is the weirdest dream you could have had. As for the VKs, yeah that’s just never gonna happen. A girl can dream.

“I was engaged to Robert Pattinson”

“Right, I swear this was was before the new Twilight book was announced so I think it was a premonition. I had this dream where I was essentially Bella from Twilight. But considering that I have not seen Twilight since 2012, it was all a bit too vivid. I was engaged to Robert Patterson but his family would not accept me for not being a vampire. I looked down at my hands which basically had turned to glittery vampire hands and was like, wtf? He turns to me like, ‘Isn’t this what you wanted?’ From then on, I was locked in the vampire life.”

Looks like you are #TeamEdward by the sounds of your dream. I think the weirdest thing here is that you basically predicted Stephenie Meyer’s new book. As to you playing Bella in your dream, this is a classic case of your subconscious diving back into your young teenage emotions of wanting to be Bella Swan.

All in all, everyone’s dreams have been pretty crazy in lockdown. Our lack of human contact has even made the dad from Good Luck Charlie sexy. Who would have thought?

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