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An ode to Lidl: The unsung hero of Lancaster

Middle of Lidl? What a treat

Your maintenance loan has run dry. Mummy and Daddy have cut you off from the family bank, and your flatmates have no more spare change to give you. There's no more coins down the sides of the sofa, either (we've checked).

Lucky for you that even though you've only got 37p to your name, you can still bob down to Lidl and feed a family of four for a week on that budget. Lidl is, without a doubt, the unsung hero of Lancaster – here's why.

The bakery

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The promised land

There was only one place to start when talking about the divine goodness of the Lidl escapade. As soon as you enter, you're hit in the face with the smell of pastries, doughnuts and bread – heaven. Whether you want a baguette for 22p or a filled muffin for 59p, they really have got it all. Oh, you're feeling fancy? Try the goat's cheese focaccia. You're feeling basic? Three cookies for £1.20. Fill your metaphorical boots.

Our recommendation? The classic cheese twist – you simply can't go wrong with it.

The "Middle of Lidl"

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Very much the Mecca of any bargain-hunter

Here we go. What an absolute wonderland the Lidl middle aisle really is. You'd be a fool for not entertaining the multitude of possibilities that await you should you venture into the middle aisle of the UK's fourth favourite supermarket.

You never know what you really want until you see it, and boy, do Lidl have it. From blenders and kitchen appliances to home gym equipment to babygrows, and even underwear. The middle of Lidl has it all – and if you're after some birthday cards then don't despair, they've got that covered, too! What a delight.

The prices

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They're practically giving it away (in exchange for money)

34p for a garlic baguette? 34p??? You can have TEN garlic breads, or ONE pint of beer? We all know what we'd rather, thanks. Whether it's garlic bread for 34p, 12 sausages for £1.20, or a box of brownie bites for 99p, they really are "Lidl on price."

Your weekly shop will normally clock in below £20 – maybe £25 if you've indulged on some treats. When your student loan is drying up, but your friends are showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to going on nights out, cutting costs of a weekly shop really can mean the difference between having a great night out or spending the night worrying about money all the time.

And no, it's not just cheap on all of the "essentials" range, either – loads of big brand items are cheaper in Lidl as well; but to be honest, if you claim that you can taste the difference between an Oreo and Lidl's version (a "Neo," creatively named) then you're a moron.

The range

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You can shove your Iron Throne

Cat food, drain un-blocker, frozen spring rolls, fresh spring onions, warm, straight-out-of-the-oven bread rolls and the latest OK! magazine – Lidl really do have it covered. The stock changes seasonally, and the Christmas period really is a festive delight, with Bavarian treats like lebkuchen lined up next to classics like After Eights.

If you need roll-on deodorant, but you're also out of beers then head to Lidl. You need some more biscuits, for under 50p? Lidl. A cheap loaf of bread to see you through til the end of the week? Lidl. A reasonably-priced home gym? Lidl. Hotel? Trivago.

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And there you have it – just a few of the reasons why Lidl is the unsung hero of Lancaster; and, dare we say it, the unsung hero of our Great British nation.

God bless you, Lidl.