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An ode to The Study Room: The best pub quiz in Lancaster

We love u Study Room x

The humble pub quiz. An alternative to a night in watching The Chase (or Pointless, if you're uncivilised) followed by drinking a bottle of wine on your own whilst demolishing an entire Milk Tray.

Everyone loves a pub quiz, but only one in Lancaster stands out. It isn't the White Cross, it's not the Stonewell Tap, and it certainly isn't one of the college bar quizzes. No, they are mere pretenders to the throne. They are charlatans, compared to the one true quiz.

The humble Lancastrian will appreciate that the ultimate pub quiz is hosted by none other than Church Street's own Study Room. This is our ode to The Study Room Pub quiz, I love you.

It's free

To enter this quiz, you just show up. We're students, we don't want to be shelling out millions for a fun trivia-based evening. We want a free quiz, we want a generous alcohol selection at the bar, and we want good questions. But mainly, I want it to be a cheap night.

Again, this pub quiz is entirely FREE. You won't be chased out of house and home for being a loyal Study Room quiz devotee.

And, as the humble quizmaster frequently says: "If you use your phone on a free quiz then you're just sad."

The prizes

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Anyone for a cocktail?

For a free quiz, you wouldn't expect much by way of prizes. Maybe a firm handshake, and a pat on the back?

Well then, hold onto your hats – because I'm about to spill the proverbial beans. The prizes are as follows:

4th place: Varies each week

3rd place: Four jägerbombs

2nd place: Bottle of raspberry vodka

1st place: £40 of free drinks

What's not to love?

The location

It's on Church Street, which is the beating heart of the city centre. It's surrounded by other fine institutions such as The Crafty Scholar, Mint, McDonald's, Molly's, and Bella Italia.

It's two minutes away from Common Garden Street, and you'll find it in a jiffy. Perfect spot to stagger home from after you neck your £40 of free drinks.

The food

If you have a spare couple of quid, then get yourself to the Study Room before the quiz starts and have a bite to eat – the food is actually rather good. They specialise in hot dogs and burgers, but the rest of the menu is pretty great too.

You might be hungry for a quiz victory, but it's a safe bet to go there if you're hungry for some "gastro pub" grub.

It's just better

The Study Room quiz is actually pretty good. Compared to other ones, it's really accessible for everyone. It isn't exactly University Challenge, but it's definitely not Junior Trivial Pursuit.

Compared to other pub quizzes, you'll see the superiority of the Study Room shining through. The Stonewell Tap hosts a "mobile phone quiz" on a Wednesday evening – it sounds interesting, but in reality it's just a bit strange, and the questions are far too niche. The White Cross, too, attempts a shot at the pub quiz – but that place is a bit pricey.

No, everyone knows that the Study Room really is the only place to go for a pub quiz.

Get yourself down to the Study Room on a Thursday, at 9pm, and you'll have a grand old time.