All the best memes in honour of Norman the tree’s death

Norman would have wanted us to remember him this way

It was confirmed this morning that Norman, the well cherished and adored library tree, has died. It has caused a wave of shock and despair amongst students, with social media being their outlet of sorrow.

Lancaster University tweeted: “Unfortunately an issue with the watering system led to root rot which means Norman has died. We know the tree offers a peaceful and unique presence and so plans are in place to bring a new tree to the Library.” No other tree will be able to fill Norman’s shoes.

Everyone loved Norman, he is one of Lancaster University’s best selling points. Who doesn’t want to study at a uni who shows off their library tree at open days? But it must be said, it is rather ironic that Norman the tree died in a library surrounded by the remains of other dead trees. To be honest, some may call it torture that Norman lived in a graveyard of his ancestors.

In memory of Norman we have compiled a list of the best reactions from Lancaster students.


This Lanfession just proves how much Lancs students love Norman the tree and how we vouch for his safety. It is sad that this was not possible, as the tree was already deceased at this point.

It’s ironic really, that Norman lived in a “tree graveyard”

When you really think about it, it is ironic that Norman the tree died in a graveyard of other deceased trees which have been turned into paper and used to make the books which had been staring at him for the whole of his life. His whole life he had been met with the face of death.

It just gets worse

When do we ever take uni emails seriously or bother to read them in their entirety? When they tell us Norman has died, that’s when.  Norman was too young to go.


Norman was a symbol of growth, love and peace. The university states that a new tree will be put in his place, but it isn’t that easy. Norman, you were the life and soul of the Library.

“Norman was a hero”

He was a friend to everyone in the library, a true legend. Our hearts beat for Norman. Life will truly never be the same.

We will not “Get a grip”

He was not “just a tree”. No other tree on campus could even compare to Norman’s greatness. Our sorrow is not an overreaction.

Resurrect Norman from the grave

Honestly where are the Pendle witches when you need them? Come and resurrect this tree ASAP.

“A true icon”

2020 has seen enough heartbreak and horror already, now Norman has gone. Everything is falling apart.

Not Norman!

It’s a true travesty.

A real life horror story

Not even Stephen King could write something so horrific.  He was “slowly killed by librarians”, he was betrayed.

We love you Norman

Turning the tree into a bench is a marvellous idea! What a fantastic memorial. This way everyone can pay their respects. We love you Norman.

In denial

No tree will be able to replace our library friend who we have loved and admired for so long. Completely in denial.

“Not the former MP”

RIP Norman.

“Miss u bby”

Norman watched over our hardest times, sobbing into library books and making the ink run on our note books as we cried between lectures. He was always there. RIP Norman, you will be greatly missed.

Sad reacts only

The hard truth is that Norman is really dead. You really lit up a room and made studying in the library from the early hours to late at night less of a headache. Thank you for all you have given us. Lancaster uni will never be the same. Norman was truly a BNOC and an iconic monument of Lancs’ campus. You will be dearly missed.

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