Which Animal Crossing New Horizons character are you based on your life at Lancs uni?

Anyone but Tom Nook, please

Animal crossing new horizons has taken the gaming world by storm. Everyone is prepared to fight for their favourite characters, sell their souls to Tom Nook to pay off extortionate debt and spend hours upon hours trying to achieve an esteemed five star island. Animal crossing culture is real and everyone in the fandom has their own opinion on the characters in the game. But the real question is, which Animal crossing character would you be, based off your life as a student at Lancaster university?

Are you that sports jock who exercises their ego at the sport’s centre, lifting weights to stay fit as you signed up to every college sport team like Antonio? Or perhaps sports is not your thing and you prefer to spend all your time in the library, studying for the best possible grades like Blathers. Maybe you are the social butterfly of university, the life of the party who prioritises socials over lectures, always seen in Sugar on Whoops Wednesdays battling a banging hangover the next morning skipping your 9 am like Gulliver sprawled across the beach.

Whichever Lancs student you may be, there is an Animal crossing character out there just like you. Take this quiz to find out exactly which Animal crossing character you truly are.


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